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12 oz. Mouse

1 Season 11.1 Episode 1 - Hired 1.2 Episode 2 - Signals 1.3 Episode 3 - Rooster 1.4 Episode 4 - Spider 1.5 Episode 5 - Rememorized 1.6 Episode 6 - Spharktasm 1.7 Episode 7 - Adventure Mouse
12 oz. Mouse adventure
2 Season Two2.1 Episode 8 - Bowtime 2.2 Episode 9 - Surgery Circus 2.3 Episode 10 - Booger Haze 2.4 Episode 11 - Star Wars VII 2.5 Episode 12 - Enjoy the Arm 2.6 Episode 14 - Meat Warrior 2.7 Episode 15 - Meaty Dreamy 2.8 Episode 16 - Corndog Chronicles 2.9 Episode 17 - Eighteen 2.10 Episode 18 - Pre-reckoning
12 oz. Mouse war
Shark: Drive him to Cheese Industries. You dont even know where that is. Thats why we picked you because everybody else knows.
12 oz. Mouse body
Peanut: Uhm, is that your stolen jet outside? With all those bags of money? In the back seat dude?
12 oz. Mouse money
Peanut: Oh, wait a second! Those are expensive beers! You must have pretty good jobs to pay for those kind of beers!
12 oz. Mouse good
Fitz: Skillet, we just spent sixty-four thousand dollars in that bar So Were gonna have to get jobs to cover up the fact that we rob banks. But first, I need to get a drink.
12 oz. Mouse job
Shark: Instead of that you took him to a porno set, where he starred in his very first porno and then you blew him up
12 oz. Mouse you
Woman: Excuse me. Excuse me, sir. You cant park here. Sir. Sir, excuse me, you cant park that tank here. Sir, you cant park that tank here. Excuse me, sir, you cant park that tank here. Excuse me, you cant park that tank here.
12 oz. Mouse man
Roostre: Names Roostre, R double-O S T R E. Sometimes all in capitals, depending on if youre yellin at me or not. So uh, you yellin?
12 oz. Mouse time
Roostre: Or hell I dont know, just thought you were a mouse or something, I mean you look like a damn mouse. The mouse.
12 oz. Mouse thought
Rhoda to Eye: And the word is - and Im not saying this what I think, know, or have heard to be true, but Liquor said that Mouse is up to his cans. Yeah, and not only that, but New Guy heard he got out, right, like someone got him out, and he got a thing for squirrels. Now Im not talking as though hes cheesy green up on them, Im saying more like Ecuadorian sleep, if you get the picture. Oh and another thing, Roostre, you know Roostre, up on the farm guy? Alright, well Liquor also says that a letter accidentally got delivered to him, but before he could open it, boom, just like that, clock shows up, next thing he remembers its day 97.
12 oz. Mouse sleep
Shark to Rhoda: And then something goes off in my brain, and sends an impulse to my jaw, and BAM, a thousand pounds of pressure locked in like a press. I mean, a head your size would burst like an infected kidney, and all Id remember was how warm the juices were that lapped the back of my uvula on their trip down to stomach-land. But were friends, right? We know each other. We know what we do, and who we talk to, and what we say to them.
12 oz. Mouse war
Fitz: It was right F-in here. Where the F is it? It was a it was a F-in arrow, and it was right the F here.
12 oz. Mouse right
Man/Woman: Youre ending your sentences in prepositional phrases. Youd better stop ending your sentences in prepositional phrases.
12 oz. Mouse man
Man/Woman makes siren sound, but Fitz jumps from the ground close to the bar with a gun pointing at Rhoda
12 oz. Mouse man
Fitz: Did you say party? camera zooms while Fitz is speaking I love a party, with clowns and cakes. You know, I cant remember the last time I was at a party, and that is whats driving me out of my brains.
12 oz. Mouse love
Fitz: Okay, heres the deal fellas. One of you, all of you, none of you, maybe, know exactly what is going on here.
12 oz. Mouse you
Fitz: Ive got a lot on my mind, gentlemen. Ive got a lot on my mind and a lot of gun in my hand so dont F this up.
12 oz. Mouse mind
Fitz: This is all like a puke dream that I cant seem to shake the sweats from, and every time I turn around, theres a shark and a clock some sort of eyeball thing.
12 oz. Mouse time
Fitz: Funny thing is, I have these weird flashes, like Ive been somewhere before, ripped from somewhere, for reasons I dont understand.
12 oz. Mouse funny
Shark: Who told you about the party? Cause I dont have people in that often. And youre not even people. You round, wet, unblinking, horrific orb. Youre gross. I really wish you would leave my party.
12 oz. Mouse art
Man/Woman: I have read all these books and they are good books. Out of all these books, I would say that they are all these my favorite.
12 oz. Mouse books
Peanut: Its like rocketry. Your pee is like rocketry because it rockets out. And if you have two rockets, step back. Here go the rockets!
12 oz. Mouse you
Fitz: Just when I think I know what Im thinking, I get this cloud. I know that when a man has memories, its just electrical impulses through the brain that create the memories. Because the impulses travel at the the speed of light. Therefore the brain time travels, and thats how he remembers. But how does he feel? How does he feel those memories? How does he feel those thoughts? What-- what time is it?
12 oz. Mouse time
Producer Man: Ooh, whats wrong little man? You got-- you got-- got some arrows stuck through ya. Ha ha. Zinger! Boing! Ha ha ha. Up top! Lets tour. Am I right? Am I right? Am I right?
12 oz. Mouse man
Roostre: Hey Liquor, come here for a second. Um, this is very important. I need you to find my teacher, tell her I need to get back in the boat, and I need to go home.
12 oz. Mouse home
Rectangle: You probably dont have it, but its Rusianik Chyd. Its an old drink of kings of old kings of old richness. Old.
12 oz. Mouse you
Liquor: What Im actually thinking -- and please take this the wrong way as far up your hole as you can -- is that your gunkultschlinger is the size of a fortmisers reticulus. Oh, ka-blammo.
12 oz. Mouse thinking
Shark: If the wind is high then it wouldnt disrupt his shot, would it? So whats the point of adding that kind of wind? To it.
12 oz. Mouse win
Rectangle: I was referring to a poor wind that would be low but high in speed and rich money richness, the kind of money speed that would richly affect a bullets wealthy trajectory.
12 oz. Mouse money
Rectangle: Just because Liquors dead, doesnt mean you can just roll this bitch all over town with the freedoms.
12 oz. Mouse freedom
Green Sweater Woman: I have to pee. I have to pee. I have to pee. I have to pee. I said I have to pee.
12 oz. Mouse man
Rectangle: I just feel ever so inclined to buy a harmonica made of gold encrusted in diamonds then dipped in gold and rolled around in more diamonds. Its deadly to vampires, you know. Or was it werewolves? I forget which. Theyre both poor.
12 oz. Mouse vampires
Peanut: My blood has turned to booze, and I want my face to turn to booze. If my blood could drink my face, wed be alright.
12 oz. Mouse right
Shark: Yeah, I know what it is and Im pressing it with my fin but I easily could press it with your face.
12 oz. Mouse sin
Shark To Rectangle: I have a feeling something bad is about to happen to you and everyone else, but mainly you.
12 oz. Mouse you
Rectangle: We were just watching you slither across the floor like the begging, broken dog you are bitch.
12 oz. Mouse you
Peanut To Shadowy Figure: What? I dont understand a thing youre saying man. Do you have any idea what you sound like? Bluh bluh bluh bluh thats what you sound like in my head.
12 oz. Mouse man
Rectangle: Where are we now, the Bible or something? The Bible never made money. Its poor. Its full of poor people.
12 oz. Mouse people
Rectangle: I told you I smelled fuel. Im big into oil. I own lots of it and I know what it smells like. Its rich smelling. The smell itself spawns property and mansions.
12 oz. Mouse self
Townspeople singing: Where does the firetruck go, go, go where does the firetruck go, go, go and when does the hand know, know, know and when does the hand know, know, know
12 oz. Mouse people
Roostre: You told me it was comin, bro. You told me to build the robots and you told me how to do it. Synthetic carbo-polymers got it through, man. They got em through, Mouse. They got through and were gonna get out.
12 oz. Mouse man
Shark: How much would you give to control a lifetime of time in a frozen segment of timelessness? Trillions of molecules makin up life forms in space.
12 oz. Mouse life
Mouse: Woah, woah, woah! Stop, stop. Everybody stop. You see when I do this guitar solo, thats when you do the drum solo. Got it?
12 oz. Mouse body
Golden Joe: I just shot this with my new camera. Its got zoom, zoom zoom, your mama zoom, zoomity zoom zoom! Do you know what this means?
12 oz. Mouse you
Producer Man: Im inside an elevator. BUTTONS! laughs groans Its such a suck song! Suck song! Suck song! Suck song! Suck song! Suck song! pause screams out gibberish Excellent.
12 oz. Mouse man

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