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1408 2007

Gerald Olin: The first victim, Mr. Kevin O Malley, sewing machine salesman, checked into the hotel the first week it opened, October, 1912.Mike Enslin: Cut his own throat, right?Gerald Olin: Well thats not the horrific part. Afterwards, in a fit of insanity, he tried to stitch himself back together using an old sewing needle before he bled to death.[leans over Mike]Mike Enslin: Easy, man.
1408 2007 death
Room 1408: Even if you leave this room, you can never leave this room!
1408 2007 you
Father: [to Mike] As I was, you are. As I am, you will be.
1408 2007 you
Gerald Olin: You do drink dont you?Mike Enslin: Of course. I just said I was a writer.
1408 2007 writer
Mike Enslin: The rooms gotta be filthy. I mean, the sheets havent been changed in... what, eleven years?Gerald Olin: No no no. Were very professional here. 1408 gets a light turn once a month. I supervise, the maids work in pairs. We treat the room as if its a chamber filled with poison gas. We only stay 10 minutes and I insist the door remain open. But still... A few years ago a young maid from El Salvador found herself locked in the bathroom. She was only there for a few moments, but when we pulled her out she was...Mike Enslin: [sarcastically] She was dead?Gerald Olin: No. Blind. She had taken a pair of scissors and gouged her eyes out. She was laughing hysterically.
1408 2007 change
[the problem about Mike staying in 1408]Gerald Olin: Look, Im not telling you not to stay in that room for your own good or for the profit of the hotel. Frankly, selfishly, I just dont want to clean up the mess.
1408 2007 self
Room 1408: You can choose to repeat this hour over and over again, or you can take advantage of our express checkout system.[Mike looks into the other room and sees a hanging noose]
1408 2007 age
Gerald Olin: The causes of death in 1408 range from heart attack, stroke, drowning.Mike Enslin: Drowning?Gerald Olin: Yes, one Mr. Grady Miller drowned in his chicken soup.Mike Enslin: Thats hard to do, h - how did he do that?Gerald Olin: How indeed.
1408 2007 death
Mike Enslin: [talk into tape recorder] Hotels are a naturally creepy place... Just think, how many people have slept in that bed before you? How many of them were sick? How many... died?
1408 2007 people
Mike Enslin: Look man, just give me the key.Gerald Olin: Mr. Enslin, you...Mike Enslin: Just give me the key! Listen, I stayed... at the Bixby House. I brushed my goddamn teeth right next to the tub where Sir David Smith drowned his whole family, and I stopped being afraid of vampires when I was 12. Do you know why I can stay in your spooky old room, Mr. Olin? Because I know that ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties... dont exist. And even if they did, theres no God to protect us from them, now is there?Gerald Olin: So I cant talk you out of this?Mike Enslin: I think weve reached an understanding.
1408 2007 god
Mike Enslin: [after escaping from the ventilation shaft and falling back into 1408] Ah, its good to be back.
1408 2007 good
Katie: Are there people where Im going?Mike Enslin: Hey... youre not going anywhere, kiddo. Youre going to stay right here with us.Katie: Daddy... everyone dies.Lily Enslin: When theyre old.Mike Enslin: When theyre much older.Lily Enslin: Okay? And then they go to a better place. Its beautiful there, all your friends will be there.Katie: Is God there?Mike Enslin: Yes.Katie: Do you really believe that Daddy?
1408 2007 god
[Lily is reaching Mike Enslin via his laptop]Lily Enslin: Michael? Can you hear me?[Mike is freezing during a supernatural cold spell in Room 1408, but manages to crawl over to his laptop]Mike Enslin: Yeah.Lily Enslin: Oh, my God, thank God. Jesus, Ive been trying to get through.Mike Enslin: [whispering] Did you call the cops?Lily Enslin: Yeah, yeah, theyre at the hotel! Didnt you say the Dolphin?Mike Enslin: Yes.Lily Enslin: Youre sure.Mike Enslin: Yes. Yes. 1408.Lily Enslin: Yeah. Theyre in 1408. The rooms empty.
1408 2007 god
Gerald Olin: [pats documents regarding 1408s victims] I will let you have this, give you access to my office, you can take notes and put it all in your book. My only condition... is that you do not stay in that room.Mike Enslin: Youll let me look at all that stuff?[considering Olins offer]Gerald Olin: Hmm.Mike Enslin: I never did get that drink.[Olin pours a glass of the $800 whiskey, handing it to Enslin. Enslin takes a sip]Mike Enslin: Ooh, that is good.Gerald Olin: [smiling] Here, keep it. Compliments of the house.[hands bottle to Enslin]Mike Enslin: [after dropping the bottle into his bag and taking another sip] Im still staying.Gerald Olin: [yelling] Dammit to hell!
1408 2007 men
Mike Enslin: He gave me booze! Did he take a sip? I cant remember. Or maybe it was the chocolate! Dont take candy from strangers!
1408 2007 anger
[Into tape recorder, as he prepares to step out the window onto a ledge]Mike Enslin: If something should happen, if I should slip and fall, I want it known that it was an accident. The room did not win.
1408 2007 win
Mike Enslin: I was out!
1408 2007
Mike Enslin: Why dont you just kill me?Room 1408: Because all guests of this hotel enjoy free will, Mr. Enslin.
1408 2007 joy
Room 1408: Five. This is five. Ignore the sirens. Even if you leave this room, you can never leave this room.Room 1408: [Voice changes and handset begins to melt] Eight. This is eight. We have killed your friends. Every friend is now dead.
1408 2007 change
Mike Enslin: [after the toilet paper has been turned down, and the chocolates appear] Finally! Something to for me to write about! A ghost that offers turn down service!
1408 2007 service
Mike Enslin: Is 1408 a smoking room?Gerald Olin: As a matter of fact, it is. Yes.Mike Enslin: Good, one less worry in the watches of the night.Gerald Olin: Care for a cigar?Mike Enslin: No thank you, I dont smoke.
1408 2007 good
Mike Enslin: Lets Encyclopedia Brown this bitch.
1408 2007

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