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50 Cent (Singer)

I need you to pray for me; I need you to care for me. I need you to want me to win. I need to know where Im heading, because I know where Ive been.Dont Push Me
50 Cent you
Look baby, this is simple. You cant see? Youre fucking with me? Youre fucking with a P.I.M.P.!P.I.M.P
50 Cent you
Ive got the sickest vendetta when it comes to the cheddar You play with my paper, youre going to meet my Beretta She looks good, but I know shes after my cheddar.Wanksta
50 Cent good
Go ahead, switch the style up. If niggas hate, then let them hate and watch the money pile up.In Da Club
50 Cent money
They say I walk around like Ive got an S on my chest. No, thats a semi-auto and a vest on my chest.What Up Gangsta
50 Cent
The Lords blessings leave me lyrically-inclined. Shit, I aint even got to try to shine!Patiently Waiting
50 Cent sin
When that window rolls down and that A.K. comes out? You can squeeze your little handgun, until you run out.Heat
50 Cent you
Gods on your side? Shit, Im alright with that. Because were going to reload the clips and come right back.Heat
50 Cent god
I am what I am; you can like it or love it. It feels good to blow fifty grand and think nothing of it.If I Cant
50 Cent love

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