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Kristen: Yeah. You told that girl the truth! It doesnt say anything about that in the Khaki Barn handbook, and we didnt sell the dress.
6teen truth
Jude: Yeah, but you gotta love em. The soul cannot live by nutrition alone. Mark my words, dude, mark my words.
6teen love
Wyatt: Fine, live in ignorance. At least I know what Im eating. Those fries probably arent even made from real potatoes.
6teen ya
1 Season 11.1 Take this Job and Squeeze It 1.2 The Big Sickie 1.3 The Slow and Even-Tempered 1.4 A Lime to Party 1.5 Deck the Mall 1.6 Employee Of The Month 1.7 The Sushi Connection 1.8 Enter the Dragon 1.9 One Quiet Day
6teen art
3 Season 33.1 Prankd 3.2 Bicker Me Not 3.3 The One with the Cold Sore 3.4 Baby, You Stink 3.5 J Is For Genius 3.6 Fashion Victims
6teen fashion
Jonesy: See, with chicks, its all about the bling-bling. And the way I figure it, well be making two large each by the end of the summer.
6teen summer
Jen: Because Ive always wanted to start my own line of snowboarding gear and I think that working here would teach me so much about the retail sports industry.
6teen art
Jen: Id be an oak, because theyre strong and they like to help people by providing shade from the sun.
6teen people
Caitlin: To Nikki, whos been brainwashed by the Khaki Barn Get ahold of yourself, girl! Youre turning into one of them, and okay, its fun to have you be nice to me, but youre totally freaking me out!
6teen self
Jude: Could be a lip zit. I once had a zit on my back that had a life of its own. One morning, it was gone and so was a pair of my shoes.
6teen life
Jen: Guys, this Man-Off thing is seriously getting out of hand. Its not about who smells the best anymore; its about who smells the least horrible.
6teen man
Nikki: Yeah, and its getting really gross. Which would be hilarious if it didnt affect me so directly.
6teen real
Wyatt: As if. The Man-Off champs either going to be you or me, which is a nice way of saying its going to be me.
6teen man
Jonesy: There are still three days until the Man-Off is over, so dont let me catch you washing your hands in spit, because from now on, spit counts as a cleaning fluid.
6teen man
Nikki: Uh, that was me pulling my underwear from my butt. Where its been lodged for, like, an hour. I hate these girly gitch!
6teen hate

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