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aaron sorkin

It’s populated by people who, by and large, have terrific communication skills. Every day is an extraordinary day. For me, it was just a great area for storytelling.
aaron sorkin people
Take risks, dare to fail, remember the first person through the wall always gets hurt.
Aaron Sorkin hurt
I love writing but hate starting. The page is awfully white and it says, You may have fooled some of the people some of the time but those days are over, giftless. Im not your agent and Im not your mommy. Im a white piece of paper, you wanna dance with me? And I really, really dont.
Aaron Sorkin love
Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright.
Aaron Sorkin writers
Were about to shoot an episode on Air Force One, for instance, and were going to take liberties, small liberties, with Air Force One, as we take small liberties with our White House set.
Aaron Sorkin wit
Well, I must tell you I write the scripts very close to the bone. So Im writing episode seven now and couldnt tell you what happens in episode eight.
Aaron Sorkin writing
You know, one of the things I like about this world, or at least I like about the way were presenting this world, is these issues are terribly complicated - not nearly as black and white as were led to believe.
Aaron Sorkin world
A news organization has a much different responsibility. I might not be telling you the whole story. I might not be telling you a story in a manner that is properly sophisticated.
Aaron Sorkin man
Any time you get two people in a room who disagree about anything, the time of day, there is a scene to be written. Thats what I look for.
Aaron Sorkin time
Certainly, last year we did an episode about the census and sampling versus a direct statistic. You just said the word census, and people fall asleep.
Aaron Sorkin people
I grew up in the theatre. Its where I got my start. Writing a television drama with theatrical dialogue about the theatre is beyond perfection.
Aaron Sorkin writing
Its important to remember that, first and foremost, if not only, this is entertainment. The West Wing isnt meant to be good for you.
Aaron Sorkin men
Its populated by people who, by and large, have terrific communication skills. Every day is an extraordinary day. For me, it was just a great area for storytelling.
Aaron Sorkin people
Our responsibility is to captivate you for however long weve asked for your attention. That said, there is tremendous drama to be gotten from the great, what you would say, heavy issues.
Aaron Sorkin men
There really isnt a story that you cant tell inside of it. Its very much a clearinghouse for anything that goes on in the world. So youre not at all limited.
Aaron Sorkin world
Theres a great tradition in storytelling thats thousands of years old, telling stories about kings and their palaces, and thats really what I wanted to do.
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