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Adventure Time

5 Season 55.1 Finn the Human 1a 5.2 Jake the Dog 1b 5.3 Five More Short Graybles 2a 5.4 Up a Tree 2b 5.5 All the Little People 3a 5.6 Jake the Dad 3b 5.7 Davey 4a 5.8 Mystery Dungeon 4b 5.9 All Your Fault 5a 5.10 Little Dude 5b 5.11 Bad Little Boy 6a 5.12 Vault of Bones 6b 5.13 The Great Bird Man 7a 5.14 Simon & Marcy 7b 5.15 A Glitch Is a Glitch 8a 5.16 Puhoy 8b 5.17 BMO Lost 9a 5.18 Princess Potluck 9b 5.19 James Baxter the Horse 10a 5.20 Shh! 10b 5.21 The Suitor 11a 5.22 The Partys Over, Isla de Señorita 11b 5.23 One Last Job 12a 5.24 Another Five More Short Graybles 12b 5.25 Candy Streets 13a 5.26 Wizards Only, Fools 13b 5.27 Sky Witch 15a 5.28 Frost & Fire 15b 5.29 Too Old 16a 5.30 Root Beer Guy 22a 5.31 Betty 24b 5.32 Bad Timing 25a 5.33 Lemonhope Part One 25b 5.34 Lemonhope Part Two 26a 5.35 Billys Bucket List 26b
Adventure Time hope
Bubblegum: No. If my decorpsinator serum works, then all the dead Candy People will look as young and healthy as you do.
Adventure Time people
Bubblegum: No! This is wrong! Theyre not coming back to life, theyre still dead! My decorpsinator serum — its incomplete!!
Adventure Time life
Finn: She just want this slumber party to be super fun, and if I did have something to tell you, then I would in a second, and it would make my life easier, unless there was something stopping me, like a promise, but there isnt, so I wont, so its cool!
Adventure Time life
Bubblegum: Not telling the Candy People about the zombies is so important that you need to promise — royal promise not to let anyone find out about the zombies ever.
Adventure Time people
Bubblegum: Now, I must cloister myself in the lab and finish the equation to my decorpsinator serum. You keep the Candyfolk distracted and ignorant. Can you do that?
Adventure Time self
Jake: I dare you to tell me the truth about whats goin on in your mind. What were you and Bubblegum talkin about when you were alone together?
Adventure Time truth
Finn: Heck yeah! If I break a royal promise, I get to fight zombies, throw slumber parties, awake Gumball Guardians, and-and
Adventure Time art
Melissa: This is Brads house. YOU wanted a ride to Make-out Point!? You think I want to make-out with YOU!??
Adventure Time you
Lumpy Space Princess: It just means hes changing into a lumpy space guy on account of my bite. Its just like uh, yknow werewolf rules? Hurrurr
Adventure Time space
Ice King: It means Im king of ice! This is my domain, and youre violating ice world law — trespassing!
Adventure Time world
Ice King: I DONT CARE!! This is my kingdom! You guys cant just scoot about on my land, willy-nilly, Ive got rules here!
Adventure Time you
Ice King: Ooh, are you trying to hit me? Well, excuse me, because I have to go potty in the bathroom.
Adventure Time you
Finn: Anything? Well, Id catch a shooting star and travel to outer space, and fight space monsters!!
Adventure Time travel
Finn: Jake, I just realised that Tree Trunks is old and bonkers. We cant take her through that evil dark forest!
Adventure Time evil
Jake: Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, well its fine! Shell be fine! Re-re-its fine, its fine, its fine!
Adventure Time hell
Finn: Tree Trunks! Youre not an adventurer! You nearly got yourself killed—AGAIN! Do you wanna die, Tree Trunks?! Is that what you think adventurers do?! DIE AND MAKE ALL THEIR FRIENDS FEEL TERRIBLE CUZ THEY COULDNT SAVE YOU!!?
Adventure Time friends
Princess Bubblegum: The book lies in the top of Mount Cragdoor, guarded by a manly Minotar. Its waiting for a truly righteous hero to claim it!
Adventure Time lies
Keeper: Youve unlocked the riddle of the door! Ha ha! Brilliantly, young child! Please, reveal to me how you unraveled my clue.
Adventure Time you
Jake: Finn, I know you dont want to hear this, but I think we should cut our losses and bring this fella back to where we found him.
Adventure Time loss
Finn: We cant just abandon him! Look at him, Jake! He needs us now more than ever! We just need to take better care of you from now on, right, little guy?
Adventure Time you
Jake: I bet you wish YOU were my butt, because then the Princess, yknow No, wait I bet you wish YOU were the Ice King and the Princess was my butt!
Adventure Time you
Finn: No way! This proves hes a super villain! More powerful than lesser villains, like the Ice King!
Adventure Time power
Ricardio: You were right all along, Finn! Now Im going to cut out Princess Bubblegums heart and make out with it.
Adventure Time art
Margaret: Give it here, Joshua. This baby just needs some love and kisses to be happy. Mwah, mwa-mwa-mwah! There, see? Now its happy.
Adventure Time love
Joshua: You just kissed a boom boom baby. So dont expect any more sugar from me, sweetheart, until we wash your dirty, dirty face.
Adventure Time art
Head Marauder: Whoa-whoa-whoa-shh! Its alright, fellas. Finn, Im sure this tone down the roughhousing thing has something to do with your boom boom, and I can respect that. BUT HOW CAN WE POSSIBLY MAKE ROUGHHOUSING LESS ROUGH!!?
Adventure Time sin
Finn: WOO-HOO!! Nice job! Thanks to us, the village is saved. And we reclaimed a few of your twilight years.
Adventure Time light
Jake: Wait! Lets not be too rash! Just look at this guy! Check out the sunken lifeless eyes, the foul stench of decay! You know what that means?
Adventure Time life
Bufo: This is where young potentials train to become ultimate wizards, but most are not ready for the responsibility that comes with it.
Adventure Time responsibility
Girl: Oh, it was terrible. I was trying to sell my flowers out here in the desert when these two thieves came and stole my whole basket, then ran into the city.
Adventure Time flowers
Finn: Ill get Pennys flowers back and come out of that city as pure as the driven snow. Lets go, Jake!
Adventure Time flowers
Penny: I have an idea. My mom used to tell me that theres a king of thieves who lives in the center of the city, and everything that gets stolen from little girls ends up at his tower. Maybe wed find my basket in his treasure chest!
Adventure Time live
Penny: Theres one thing, though. The tower that he lives in is surrounded by a magical barrier which magically keeps thieves out.
Adventure Time magic
Finn: Then we shall embrace the darkness of this wicked city, and use the methods of the criminal to seek vengeance on Penny.
Adventure Time darkness
Witch: Because you took too long. Now you have to apologize while doing a variety of humiliating things.
Adventure Time you
Jake: Well, Im glad you learned your lesson – that in a crunch, theres nothin I wouldnt do for ya.
Adventure Time ya
Finn: YOU have offended my honor, sir. And in so doing, you have awoken the pranking demon that sleeps in my pits! The demon is coming for you, mortal. It is going to prank you so.. HAAAARD!!!
Adventure Time sleep
NEPTR: Creator, you have shown me the joys of pranking! I cannot wait to throw pies infinitely at Jakes face!
Adventure Time joy
Finn: Take note, NEPTR. These guys are Grade A Pranksters. You guys hang out, in case we need a daring escape!
Adventure Time you
Ice King: If you wont throw me a manlorette party then Ill never have my last hurrah before buckling down with that battle-axe! Itll drive me back to a life of stealing hot princesses! Is that want you want!!?
Adventure Time life
Ice King: I know what I said! But you know, sometimes you say things and then you dont really mean them?
Adventure Time time
Gork: Ohh, he cant be caught. Hes got magic. And were worthless freaks, we cant ever beat him! So weve gathered here to wallow in our self-pity.
Adventure Time magic
Demon Cat: I have approximate knowledge of many things. For instance, I know that I am possibly going to slay you and munch on your eyeballs.
Adventure Time knowledge
Bubblegum: I already know, Finn! The Duke of Nuts has ALWAYS been a bad guy! But now that hes done this, ILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!!! And its not just because that I HATE the Duke! Id never forgive ANYBODY who did THIS to me! Id hate them!
Adventure Time hate
Princess Bubblegum: Mmhhhm Well, I could never stay mad at you forever. And you seem genuinely penitent.
Adventure Time you
Finn: You stay here and take care of Donny, while I take care of a unknown possibly-deadly emergency.
Adventure Time you
Duke of Nuts: Why would you want to sack my nut-castle on my second sons first birthday? SEIZE HIM!!
Adventure Time you
Finn: Im not fallin for your junk anymore, lady. You just like saying poop that jacks with my brain.
Adventure Time you
Finn: Barf that! Imagination is for turbo-nerds who cant handle how kickbutt reality is. Im a kickbutt reality MASTERRR!!!
Adventure Time reality
Jake: I cant, dude! But I think I can imagine.. an imagination turning-off machine that is upstairs, surrounded by a crud-load of traps, ghosts, monsters and poison fountains, and and GIRLS! Cute girls, and hamsters.
Adventure Time imagination
Jake: But Finn, I cannot tell you something amazing, as there is nothing amazing happening around us that I can describe for you.
Adventure Time you
Ice King: DAHH!!! Of course it matters!! The way it works is — first, I transgress your meaningless rules, and then you maliciously persecute me!
Adventure Time work
Ice King: FOOL!! You have disrupted that order! For — are you ready for this? I have committed no RECENT CRIME!!
Adventure Time crime
Lady Rainicorn: Usgisine. Dangsin-eun uli gongjunim-egeo malhal jagyeogdo eobsneun nom-iya. Verily, you are a creature unworthy even of my ladys disdain.
Adventure Time ya
Jake: Dude, suckin at somethin is the first step towards bein sorta good at somethin. You and I are like little baby Billys right now — and were sucking on our first bottle of nonviolent milk!
Adventure Time war
Billy: Dont you see how pointless it is? You know whats probably happening to that old lady right now!? Shes probably DEAD!!
Adventure Time you
Cobbler: Helping!? I cant even move my hands! Im a cobbler, howm I supposed to cobble with these useless chunk mitts!?
Adventure Time help
LSP: Yeah. I know Im already pretty smokin. But I bought this swimsuit, so I need a swimsuit butter
Adventure Time read
Jake: Well, theres gotta be a time when youre not watchin me tha— that I— that I might be stealing gold unconsciously!
Adventure Time time
Marceline: Well first, Id have to draw a circle with a happy face in the center, and then, ahh douse it with bug milk.
Adventure Time happy
Marceline: But I-I dont really wanna see him. Im still mad about the thing with the fries Huh?
Adventure Time wit
Marcelines Dad: Kay. Ill go. I got business to attend to anyway, sucking up all the souls in Ooo
Adventure Time soul
Marcelines Dad: Of all historys greatest monsters, you are by far the most evil thing Ive encountered. Offer your soul to me, dark one.
Adventure Time history
Ice King: Huh? No-one sucks the life from my penguins expect ME!! And maybe polar bears—because thats just nature, Gunter.
Adventure Time life
Lumpy Space Princess: What? Nah. I totally saw Hot Dog Princess get sucked in here, and I wasnt invited?! I was all What the lump?! So Im crashin this party!
Adventure Time art
Jake: Okay, we wont kill the horse. Well dress him up like a bunny! Haha! And get a giant hawk — CAWWWH — to kill him!!
Adventure Time kill
Finn: And I was like Leave him alone!, and he was like Make me!, and I was like OK, and then he was like ARRRGH MY HEAD!!!
Adventure Time alone
Nice King: Hey! Nice Knights! Turtle Princess is about to walk out that door! I told her that I like her a lot, but I really dont like her all that much. Could you guys break it off for me?
Adventure Time night
Nice King: The UGLY ones are all mixed up with the other ones!! I need you to catalog em, or something
Adventure Time you
Ghost: Drop ball is an extremely addictive high-intensity game designed for people everywhere. Here, let me show ya.
Adventure Time people
Jake: Thats okay, buddy. Just dig me a hole, then. Actually, two holes — one for my guts and one for my face, cause when I die, my guts are gonna blow out of my face!!
Adventure Time die
Finn: Spretty nice. Hey, why dont you guys just untie me, and we can pretend this whole thing didnt happen.
Adventure Time you
Grandmaster Gnome: Oh, no. Ive been searching all over Ooo for the ultimate power source—a living dynamo, something that never slows down.
Adventure Time power
Grandmaster Gnome: Your energies will be harnessed by our most advanced technology—the Cyclonic Rodentarod!
Adventure Time technology
Party God: And because your gut waves please me so, I will grant you one wish. What do you want most in the world?
Adventure Time god
Royal Tart Toter: Hello? Eat my tarts?This cosmic dance of bursting decadence and withheld permissions twists all our arms collectively but, if sweetness can win - and it can - then Ill still be here tomorrow to high-five you yesterday, my friend. Peace.
Adventure Time art
Finn: We blew it, man! My plan SUCKED!! It sucked all along! But I was blinded by my hubris! Now PBs gonna get got, and its all my fault!
Adventure Time man
LSP: Just admit it, loverboy! You cant resist me! But if you want these lumps, you gotta put a ring on it!! WHERES MY RING?!?
Adventure Time love
Ice King: What can you do for him, Doctor Princess? Without Gunter, Ill be all alone. You see, Im a widower.
Adventure Time alone
Finn: Dude! Her parents are probably all full of dog-hatred from the war-times! Theyre gonna see youre a dog and forbid Lady from ever hanging out with you again!
Adventure Time war
Gnome Knight: Actually, Im a gnome knight who was magically transformed into a frog, and then I decided to continue being a knight.
Adventure Time magic
Finn: No, no. Those spit bubbles were as fragile as my old perception of reality. But wait. Maybe youre onto something. I could show the Princess bubbles the likes of which no one has ever seen!!
Adventure Time reality
Finn: Ladies and gentlemen—and Princess Im here to talk about multidimensional bubbles! But I am not just going to talk about blowing bubbles — Im going to blow your minds.
Adventure Time mind
Finn: This is a bubble blower of my own design. With this, you can blow bubbles in different dimensions.
Adventure Time men
Finn: A fourth-dimensional bubble casts a three-dimensional shadow. It is beyond comprehension! Beyond space! Beyond time!
Adventure Time time
Finn: YES!! And their brains are releasing adrenaline, dopamine, even dimethyltryptamine from the pineal gland!! This has serious educational value! Thanatophobia and this NDE is giving us euphoric altered awareness! Dont you see, Princess?! We were all BORN TO DIE!!
Adventure Time education
Finn: Argh!! Every time!! Beemo, this game is the worst! If we were really inside that game, man, we would crush Sleepy Sam, breezily — with my mitts.
Adventure Time time
BMO: If I push this button, you will both be dangerously transported into my main-brain-game-frame, where it is very dangerous.
Adventure Time anger
Finn: Okay all we gotta do is go to the Land of the Dead and reclaim the flowers soul from Death before Bubblegum returns.
Adventure Time death
Peppermint Butler: The portal opens! Say hi to Death for me if you see him. He lives in a castle made of light.
Adventure Time death
Peppermint Butler: Ahem Mr. Finn? Mr. Jake? I believe you still owe me something in exchange for that favor I did.
Adventure Time change
Finn: See?! I knew it wasnt him! But now we need to figure out who his enemy is. It could be anybody.
Adventure Time body
Finn: I know — you knew he was the murderer all along. I couldnt have done it without you you, you, you.
Adventure Time murder
Marceline: Hey look, Finn, I know Jakes your friend and all, but if you really want Bubblegum to go to the movies with you, youve gotta like, stop listening to your dog and take some advice from a real girl.
Adventure Time advice
Marceline: Okay, great. So what we need now is something fun. Girls love fun more than anything. Fun, fun, fun! If you can show Bubblegum that youre fun, shell deffs wanna go to the movies with you.
Adventure Time love
Finn: Cos Jake said couples nights have weird kissing requirements and romance-initiation rituals and whatever else.
Adventure Time romance
Finn: Hey, Party Pat! Youre the Chief and I totes respect that, but what we have to tell you is really important. And you said if we partied, we could talk.
Adventure Time art
Finn: Thats what Ive been trying to tell you, man!! This isnt a cave! Yall are partyin in a monsters BELLYYYYYY!!!
Adventure Time art
Finn: Hey, excuse me! Excuse me! I dunno why you dont know this, but yall are partyin in a monsters stomach!
Adventure Time art

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