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Entourage TV series

Ari: Listen. Read Jack Welch, Tony Robbins, Phil Jackson. Motivation! This shit works! You want to be Shaq or Kobe? Michael or Scotty? Damon or Affleck?
Entourage TV series motivation
Eric: Yeah, but I begged my GIRLFRIEND, Turtle not some $40 hooker who declined my mothers credit card.
Entourage TV series mother
The Sherpa: The Earth is moving. Did you feel that? Everything. All the time. Dimensions we cant even see. Everything is evolving. Turtle, youre a dove.
Entourage TV series time
Drama: No, those are real goods. Look at the sheepskin. You can tell these babies were born and raised in the Outback.
Entourage TV series good
Ari: Cause I know all. I could have told you this would end badly. Now I got to fire her so you dont feel weird.
Entourage TV series weird
Ari: Yeah, and Hilary Swank has a vagina, but she won an Oscar pretending she has a dick. Thats what actors do. They pretend.
Entourage TV series end
Drama: Let me get this straight. She convinces you to get these extravagant accommodations and then she bails?
Entourage TV series you
Eric: She didn’t bail, she got sick. Before the date, unlike your girls, that get sick when they arrive.
Entourage TV series you
Mrs Ari: With you. And if youre not home by 2AM, Im gonna be standing at the gate screaming Ari Gold, super agent, forgot his Viagra.
Entourage TV series home
Eric: No, I heard it from Josh Weinstein, jerkoff. Now, why dont you get your hand off your dick and go call somebody.
Entourage TV series body
Ari: Improvise, Lloyd. Ill there in 90 seconds, find out who covers Warners. If all of this is not taken care of, Ill choke you out with a strap-on!
Entourage TV series war
Ari: Sounds like you might too. But I’ll tell you what, Domino’s is hiring. Why don’t you put that little pizza sign on top of your Maserati. Now that, is comedy.
Entourage TV series comedy
Ari: Chang Chung is the hottest director in Hong Kong. Tarantino has already decided hes the next guy he wants to steal from.
Entourage TV series read
Turtle: The drug test. I jacked two bottles of water in the car for this, so can we just get over with this please?
Entourage TV series water
Cameron: I could only stay for a bit of the film, but I gotta tell ya, it was all I needed to see. Howd you like to come play Aquaman for me?
Entourage TV series man
Drama: This is kind of embarrassing, but sometimes I wake up in the morning fully tented. Any advice?
Entourage TV series time
Turtle: Yeah sweetie, you should. If Aquaman is in trouble, and the fate of the land and all mankind is in his hands, he should unleash the power of the pussy.
Entourage TV series power
Ari: Vince is my client. I took him from nothing, alright, and now he is on the cusp. I aint sharing him.
Entourage TV series right
Drama: One day youre lighting up in front of a dozen adults at a Bat Mitzvah, the next youre cruisin Santa Monica Boulevard offering handjobs for a crack rock.
Entourage TV series light
Drama: I remember I broke up with Stacy Laruzzo a week before Valentines Day. I got back with her a week after. No chocolates, no roses
Entourage TV series drama
Drama: Im telling you, once your cars been stolen, it never runs the same again. Its like a guy sleeping with your girl. He leaves his mark all over her.
Entourage TV series sleep
Ari: Brought Cristal and Sprinkles cupcakes.. Your favorite. Or is it mine? Whats the difference, we used to eat everything off each other anyway.
Entourage TV series you
Ari: I wish I could return the compliment, E. But Id rather come back as one of Michael Vicks dogs.
Entourage TV series men
Drama: I aint your friend, tough guy! Yeah, thats right I know who you are, you WWF wannabe. So you get to move your car, or do I get to move it for you?
Entourage TV series you
Drama: I love you, baby. I miss you being the last thing I say good night to. I just want to say I love you, baby. Tweet.
Entourage TV series love
E: What am I supposed to do? Do nothing and stand idly by in the hope that something magically appears?
Entourage TV series hope
Efron: Thats hilarious, Ari. How about a signing present? Something with four wheels and leather seats?
Entourage TV series present
Melinda: Eric, I dont mean to put you on the spot, but Im focused on committing to get my career back, so think about it. It would really mean a lot to me.
Entourage TV series focus
Roberts: I was a PA on Apocalypse Now. I watched Francis almost kill himself to get that movie made. I watched him go bankrupt, watched him go mad nearly, and I idolized him for it. I never had the passion. For me it was always about the score. You seem to have that passion, Vince, but if you really dont have it and can lose it too, dont kill yourself. At the end of the day, its only a movie. Good luck, Vince.
Entourage TV series passion
Scott Lavin: No, its not bullshit. I got most of the company with me, kay? I was going to tell you, in fact, I tried to tell you, but with your fiancee, your attention-
Entourage TV series you

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