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Stacey King

We typically dont share a lot of fishing information, but maybe a little bit if one of the guys is struggling.
Stacey King information
We all have great respect for them because they have accomplished so much in a short time. We are willing to share any knowledge with them that we have to get them started in the promotional end of the game. And they are really forthcoming in helping us any way they can.
Stacey King knowledge
I certainly feel that it is either the most elite team, or at least one of the most elite teams, in bass fishing.
Stacey King tea
At times, the fishing part of it becomes very secondary. Any time we are not fishing a tournament, we are a representative of Tracker Marine. We are out there teaching people how to fish and promoting the product. The business part of it is a big part of our job. A lot of young guys ask me, I want to be a bass pro; how do I get there? I tell them to hone their business skills and public speaking. The sponsors want someone who can help them sell product.
Stacey King time
After Michael Jordan had scored a play-off record 69 points - Ill always remember this as the night Michael and I combined to score 70 points.
Stacey King night
Im sure thousands of people in the world are taking on twice what I am attempting. Im really looking forward to it all.
Stacey King war
You cant stop the White Mamba! You can only hope to contain him!
Stacey King hope
Coffee just makes me happy.
Stacey King happy
Music was my first love and companion.
Stacey King love
Marriage is a garden that Im constantly growing in.
Stacey King marriage
Family makes life whole to me.
Stacey King life
I used to take taekwondo and made it to brown belt.
Stacey King
No-one inspired me growing up more than Thom Yorke. I was eleven when the obsession hit hard and Im still such a huge fan.
Stacey King inspire
Lyrics are tough for me and I never feel like theyre quite done.
Stacey King lyrics
I think Im always trying to challenge myself. Im definitely going a new direction and trying to write more concisely, but thats the toughest part for me and I definitely think Im growing in that way, which feels exciting.
Stacey King art
You always want your significant other to think that you hung the moon, but when youre working in music you also want them to be honest with you.
Stacey King music
Ive been doing music for a pretty long time, since I was a kid, and I must have been around 10 years old when I started playing shows with my siblings.
Stacey King time
Big things come in small packages!
Stacey King age

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