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Abdallah II of Jordan

The Arab World is writing a new future; the pen is in our own hands.
Abdallah II of Jordan writing
In our view, successful reform is not an event. It is a sustainable process that will build on its own successes - a virtuous cycle of change.
Abdallah II of Jordan success
When I talk to people in need, they tell me they want to hope; they are eager for opportunity; they are ready for better days. And I can tell you that every time their hopes are disappointed, all nations lose.
Abdallah II of Jordan hope
It is always dangerous to underestimate anybody.
Abdallah II of Jordan anger
The Middle East has the highest unemployment percentage of any region in the world we have the largest youth cohort of history coming into the market place that frustration does translate into the political sphere when people are hungry and without jobs.
Abdallah II of Jordan history
Jordan has to show the Arab world that there's another way of doing things. We're a monarchy, yes, but if we can show democracy that leads to a two-, three-, four-party system - left, right and center - in a couple of years' time, then the Muslim Brotherhood will no longer be something to contend with.
Abdallah II of Jordan time
Whenever you have a crisis, you're always going to have the extremists taking advantage of the situation.
Abdallah II of Jordan age
I have the responsibility of over four million people, and I am in a position to do good, to be able to bring about a new life for my people, and I will continue to move in that direction. It's a burden, but it needs to be done, and you have to have the courage and wisdom to see it through.
Abdallah II of Jordan life
Many will view the compromises that will be made during your negotiations as painful concessions. But why not view them as peace offerings, ones that will provide in return the priceless gifts of hope, security and freedom for our children and our children's?
Abdallah II of Jordan hope
Political development should start at the grassroots.
Abdallah II of Jordan art
Don't take 'no' for an answer.
Abdallah II of Jordan
I like to look at the glass half full.
Abdallah II of Jordan
The security and the future of Jordan is hand-in-hand with the future of the Palestinians and the Israelis.
Abdallah II of Jordan future
What keeps me up at night is poverty and unemployment.
Abdallah II of Jordan men
Jerusalem is a time bomb that I fear is just waiting to go off.
Abdallah II of Jordan fear
Nobody scares me.
Abdallah II of Jordan body
Mr. President, prime ministers, let us have ambitions: ambitions to move beyond the violence and occupation, to the day when two states, Palestine and Israel, can live together side by side in peace and security.
Abdallah II of Jordan peace
And as an American colleague said to me several months ago, he said, 'I think the challenge in Jordan - and, again, this is for the rest of the Middle East - we need to define what center is. And once we can define what center is to a Jordanian, then we can decide what's left and what's right of that.
Abdallah II of Jordan think
Blowing up buses will not induce the Israelis to move forward, and neither will the killing of Palestinians or the demolition of their homes and their future. All this needs to stop. And we pledge that Jordan will do its utmost to help achieve it.
Abdallah II of Jordan war
If you look at military and intelligence positions from the 1950s, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has always been against American national interests.
Abdallah II of Jordan intelligence
Over the past few years, the road to confrontation has shown its consequences: loss of innocent lives, destruction and fear. Most costly, however, was the loss of hope. The most precious gift that you can present to your peoples over the coming weeks is renewed hope born out of tangible progress on the ground.
Abdallah II of Jordan hope
I personally believe that any country that has a nuclear program should conform to international regulations and should have international regulatory bodies that check to make sure that any nuclear program moves in the right direction.
Abdallah II of Jordan believe
Many occasions I've sat down with Israelis to say, where do you see your country in 10 years time, and work me back, so we can figure out the synergies and the connections between Israel and the rest of the Arab world. No Israeli has ever been able to answer that question.
Abdallah II of Jordan time
I hope that none of the countries in the Middle East are planning anything but the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy.
Abdallah II of Jordan hope
Together, we can create a world in which peace is real; in which every human being can thrive; in which all share the promise of our century. I believe we can succeed.
Abdallah II of Jordan peace

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