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Agyness Deyn

The fact is I'm choosy, but mainly about a man's character. He has to be interesting, funny and clever. I don't even mind if he's not very good-looking.
Agyness Deyn funny
Fashion isn't me, even though I work in it. It's just materialistic stuff.
Agyness Deyn work
I don't think a name defines the core of who you are.
Agyness Deyn you
I think modelling was like the university of life, really. You get to travel but you get thrown into this adult world, which is kind of quite scary.
Agyness Deyn life
I'd like a relationship that was like two tree trunks side by side, strong but independent.
Agyness Deyn relationship
I'd love to have tea and scones with the Queen; she's my idol.
Agyness Deyn love
Well, I suppose I've never really had a lifestyle that needs upkeep. I don't get cabs; I'm on the Tube with my Oyster card.
Agyness Deyn life
I love 'Breathless,' and 'Paris, Texas,' and 'Badlands.' I was obsessed with those films in my teens. I remember watching 'Badlands' and being amazed that there were these scenes in which nobody said anything and the silence told the whole story.
Agyness Deyn love
Not just in modeling, but in society, there's so much pressure about what a woman should be, and, of course, it's just so unobtainable. You can never become that thing, because it's such a projection.
Agyness Deyn society
Modelling is only about the look. In acting, it's the feel that matters.
Agyness Deyn
I don't expect that because I was successful in one field that I will then get a ride of passage into another.
Agyness Deyn success
I never knew modelling was what I wanted to do. I was just meandering through life having fun, having a laugh with my friends.
Agyness Deyn life
I've always got on with lads, more than I have with girls.
Agyness Deyn girls
If you have a connection to someone, it doesn't matter what their exterior is.
Agyness Deyn you
When you're young, you say it how it is, and even your views are, like, 'This is totally the truth', 'cos you don't know any difference, so there's a real confidence in your way of thinking.
Agyness Deyn truth
A lot of stuff written about me is rubbish. I don't know where they get it from, sometimes.
Agyness Deyn time
I don't have that many friends.
Agyness Deyn friends
I don't really go to fashion parties; they're not my scene.
Agyness Deyn art
I don't really see myself as a big supermodel.
Agyness Deyn self
I dress like a tomboy.
Agyness Deyn
I know I'm no Whitney Houston.
Agyness Deyn
I want to play positive role models - women who mean something to other women.
Agyness Deyn women
I'm not the new anything; I'm just Agyness.
Agyness Deyn
I've always been really private about my personal life. I don't talk about it.
Agyness Deyn life
I've never had formal drama-school training; I've just picked things up as I've gone along.
Agyness Deyn school
The fact is Im choosy, but mainly about a mans character. He has to be interesting, funny and clever. I dont even mind if hes not very good-looking.
Agyness Deyn funny

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