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Bashar al Assad (Politician)

I am Syrian, I was made in Syria, I have to live in Syria and die in Syria.
Bashar al Assad live
You cannot reform your society or institution without opening your mind.
Bashar al Assad society
When we analyze this war in a materialistic way and ask when is it going to end and who will be the winner and the loser, it means that we do not see the endgame.
Bashar al Assad war
Worry does not mean fear, but readiness for the confrontation.
Bashar al Assad fear
Syria is geographically and politically in the middle of the Middle East.
Bashar al Assad political
The problem is not the occupation, but how people deal with it.
Bashar al Assad people
As far as we are concerned, we Syria have not changed.
Bashar al Assad change
The problem with the West is that they start with political reform going towards democracy. If you want to go towards democracy, the first thing is to involve the people in decision making, not to make it.
Bashar al Assad war
We have more difficult circumstances than most of the Arab countries but in spite of that Syria is stable. Why? Because you have to be very closely linked to the beliefs of the people. This is the core issue.
Bashar al Assad people
No doubt that the U.S. is a super-power capable of conquering a relatively small country, but is it able to control it?
Bashar al Assad power
It should be known that Israel is based on treachery.
Bashar al Assad
We believe that Lebanon has been the first real experience for all the Arabs.
Bashar al Assad experience
Today, the Iraqi citizen sees that America is coming and wants to occupy his country and kill him, and he is willing to experience for himself what happened in Palestine.
Bashar al Assad self
The Israeli lobby has clout in the U.S., which means that re-arranging the region and controlling its resources one way or another, will serve Israel through its control over the American administration.
Bashar al Assad control
Hizbullah is not a militia.
Bashar al Assad
The U.S. and Britain are incapable of controlling all of Iraq.
Bashar al Assad control
It is even more so when it comes to Iraq, which is a large Arab country with scientific, material, and human resources and is able to accomplish, at the least, what Lebanon accomplished, and more.
Bashar al Assad man
It would be a mistake to link anything that Israel does to a certain circumstance. And it is a mistake to feel comfortable in any circumstance just because Israel did not act on it.
Bashar al Assad comfort
Despite the ethnic diversity within each nation, the social fabric of the region by and large is one.
Bashar al Assad wit
Since its very inception, Israel has been a threat.
Bashar al Assad sin
Israel does not care about the international public opinion.
Bashar al Assad care
I am not a puppet. I was not made by the West to go to the West or to any other country.
Bashar al Assad country
Armies are not only for offensives.
Bashar al Assad
It is natural that we should always expect an Israeli attack, even when it does not threaten.
Bashar al Assad
None of us and none of the Arabs trust Israel.
Bashar al Assad trust

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