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Carter Burwell

A carefree quality is a whole aspect of life that I will never understand. I don't think I have ever been carefree and can't see the pleasure of it.
Carter Burwell life
Death is always around the corner, but often our society gives it inordinate help.
Carter Burwell society
I'm one of those people who is actually inspired by a deadline. I might not sleep for many days on end, it may not be good for my health, but it definitely helps.
Carter Burwell people
The flow of Guiness into the studio was inspirational as well as nutritive.
Carter Burwell inspirational
I had piano lessons when I was a kid, like most people. And hated them, like most people. And quit, like most people.
Carter Burwell people
There is not much irony when people are being happy on screen.
Carter Burwell people
I think being a little nuts is helpful.
Carter Burwell help
Big Sur is at the end of the continent. It attracts really crazy people.
Carter Burwell people
In mainstream romantic comedies, I'm usually tearing my hair out. It's just a devastatingly difficult genre for me.
Carter Burwell man
Carefully execute every instruction given to you by the director, producer, and studio. But that would be a life not worth living.
Carter Burwell life
I don't find myself lobbying for projects. Filmmakers almost always come to me.
Carter Burwell self
I don't personally see my work as being dark. What interests me is a balance between light and dark.
Carter Burwell work
I like business and personal life to be distinct.
Carter Burwell life
John Barry was the first film composer I was aware of. As a teenager I owned several of his Bond soundtracks.
Carter Burwell war
Any film which views the darker side of life, which is death with a sense of humor, is very much to my taste.
Carter Burwell humor
John Barry was my hero when I was about 13. His scores to the James Bond movies were the scores of my life back then.
Carter Burwell life
Music is the subliminal connecting adhesive in film, or at least in narrative feature films.
Carter Burwell film
New Yorkers may think they're on some cutting edge, but that's not especially true. It is, however, the most exciting heterogeneous mess of a town I've ever seen.
Carter Burwell true
I have always loved Scottish music - all sorts of Celtic, Gaelic music.
Carter Burwell love
Conducting, I tried it once off the cuff, and quickly realized there were subtle aspects that I was missing. There is a lot more to it that I was able to grasp simply by watching conductors.
Carter Burwell sin
The jarring change going from an urban environment to an extremely remote natural environment is extremely inspiring. It's constantly stimulating, it's like a slap in the face.
Carter Burwell change
I think I've only done one horror movie, Psycho III. That was a walk in the park compared to a romantic comedy.
Carter Burwell horror
I write music to please myself. Hopefully the director's enjoying it too.
Carter Burwell music
I prefer a life in which we don't take ourselves too seriously.
Carter Burwell life
If not bliss, ignorance can at least be fun.
Carter Burwell ignorance
A carefree quality is a whole aspect of life that I will never understand. I dont think I have ever been carefree and cant see the pleasure of it.
Carter Burwell life

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