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Chloe Bennet

Hopefully, sometime I get a superpower. I would like to be able to transport myself wherever I wanted.
Chloe Bennet time
I think it was hard for people to cast me as an ethnic, as an Asian American woman.
Chloe Bennet people
If I have a bunch of computer lingo that I have no idea what I'm speaking about, I really need to know what I'm talking about.
Chloe Bennet need
I grew up with six brothers, and I'm from Chicago, so princesses and Barbie dolls were not around the house. It was more like sports and comic books, so getting to work for Marvel is like my version of being able to be a princess.
Chloe Bennet books
I have six brothers, so I definitely was aware of Marvel more than I was of princesses, but once you're cast in a Joss Whedon Marvel show, you go and become even more of a bigger fan. You do your homework.
Chloe Bennet war
For basically two years, I took acting classes and found my own stride in L.A.
Chloe Bennet
In Asia, I didn't feel like I was Chloe. I felt like I was acting like someone in Asia. I was acting like Chloe Wang, a pop star, that was like a character for me, if anything.
Chloe Bennet character

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