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Daniel Boulud

I think Spain will always remain inspirational, and I think French cuisine will continue to be very French and yet very relevant with its time and keep evolving. But the last thing you want for it is to become too trendy and confusing. It has too much history.
Daniel Boulud inspirational
Sauce is certainly ancestral to French cooking. The technique is very tricky, but it's also very fundamental.
Daniel Boulud men
Every time - well, not every time, but in celebration of a great review or a great accolade, I take the team of Daniel to Katz's Deli for lunch. We take the trip on the subway, we were like 40 or 50 people, and we go in the back room and have a pastrami sandwich.
Daniel Boulud time
I can't conceive of cooking in a sunny place like Florida because my motivation comes from the changing seasons. That's why I decided to live in New York.
Daniel Boulud motivation
A lot of young chefs today get carried away by trends, by influences, by movements.
Daniel Boulud men
After six years at Le Cirque, I decided to start my own business. I opened Daniel at 76th Street in May '93.
Daniel Boulud art
Boning is a pain, but it makes such a majestic chicken.
Daniel Boulud pain
For me, the food I like to make is the food I can enjoy all the time anytime. It's not too calculated or technical.
Daniel Boulud time
From Japan to Thailand, I keep discovering amazing talent, cuisine and food markets.
Daniel Boulud food
I am very concerned about nutrition and always try to be careful about what I eat.
Daniel Boulud care
I appreciate the constant evolution in refining food, but not in making food gimmicky.
Daniel Boulud food
I have no pretension that I belong in D.C. I mean, I have to be cautious on how we do our restaurant.
Daniel Boulud
I have real admiration for chefs who can maintain an edge and find new inspiration in their cooking after many years.
Daniel Boulud inspiration
I like to go hear jazz late-night up in Harlem.
Daniel Boulud night
I love Italian food; it's soulful like French food. Italian food is original and homey; it's market-driven, but also can be locally sourced.
Daniel Boulud love
I love to drive, especially on tracks, where I go a lot faster.
Daniel Boulud love
I think at Le Cirque I learned how to make real food, which is what people crave, not just gimmicky things on a plate.
Daniel Boulud people
I think fine dining should be part of the community where it is, more than just for the people who are going to make a special occasion.
Daniel Boulud art
I think there are a lot of chefs in D.C. who have made D.C. what it is today. I am very respectful to them. I'm very admiring of what they've done.
Daniel Boulud respect
I try to come to Asia twice a year. I also go to Europe - to London as well as to France to see my family - four or five times a year.
Daniel Boulud time
I usually try to eat in my restaurants before I fly, as I'd rather sleep on the plane and just order a salad with cheese, maybe some ice cream.
Daniel Boulud sleep
I want to make sure the fine-dining restaurant has a clientele who is local as much as tourists and foodies.
Daniel Boulud food
I've always loved it in Las Vegas, and it is the only city in the world that brings so many different talented people from so many places.
Daniel Boulud love
I've discovered the burger is a crazy thing in Vegas, but I was one of the early chefs to do a lot of burgers.
Daniel Boulud crazy
No one knows restaurants like a New Yorker - they're incredibly discerning and restaurant savvy.
Daniel Boulud

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