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Ilana Glazer

I feel like a feminist is gender equality.
Ilana Glazer equality
I decided I would go to NYU so I could get into the comedy world and have legit housing, and my parents would not have trusted investing in a straight-up comedy career.
Ilana Glazer world
I miss improv. I hate it in a way - watching it, doing it - but only because it's so challenging and nerve wracking. Improv is the only belief system I've ever experienced that directly works on how to be. Just how to be.
Ilana Glazer work
If people believe in your material, they will do whatever it takes to get it done. Even if they don't, but you make it as awesome an experience as possible, they will help you reach your goals.
Ilana Glazer people
The thing about the performance part... starting with improv and standup, you're starting with yourself as the character, and I don't feel as much like, 'Oh, I'm a vessel for -' I feel like someone who calls themselves an actor is a vessel.
Ilana Glazer art
All my brother Eliot and I did as kids was film sketches.
Ilana Glazer kids
Everyone in New York is fluid and thinking and inspiring each other.
Ilana Glazer thinking
I write 'Broad City,' so I connect it to me.
Ilana Glazer write
In a bigger picture, all over the world is a boys' club.
Ilana Glazer world
What's fun is that the characters in 'Broad City' are rushing and hustling, and our process reflects that.
Ilana Glazer character
When somebody asks what I do, I guess I say 'writer' first.
Ilana Glazer writer
In every character that you play... I mean, I don't think I'll ever be the type of actor or performer per se who transforms, you know? Like Claire Danes transforms into Temple Grandin - I'm not gonna do that.
Ilana Glazer character

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