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Mindy Grossman

I've learned not to let people judge me in how I want to live my life. Every single woman is an individual, and there's no one path. You just have to take the path that you think is right for you.
Mindy Grossman life
I spend all day thinking of shopping. I love the thrill of finding that wonderful, perfect thing, the feeling of your heart racing because it's so right.
Mindy Grossman love
I believe in accessibility. I believe in honesty and a culture that supports that. And you can't have that if you're not open to receiving feedback.
Mindy Grossman culture
Content is power in today's world, and if you can own that content, create it and make interaction more of an experience than a transaction, you create a different kind of loyalty.
Mindy Grossman power
Fear is not a motivating factor. You might be able to get a little bit more out of someone in the short term, but you will completely erode your business and your culture in the long term. You're going to lose all your good people. You're not going to have people tell you the truth, and it becomes the tradition.
Mindy Grossman truth
Four out of five HSN corporate officers are women. I'm a believer that a diversity of mindset enables us to have an engaged conversation.
Mindy Grossman women
I find out as much from the guy in backstage TV as I do from my C.F.O. Anybody can e-mail me. I do town halls with employees at least once every eight weeks. I'm out there, and it makes a huge difference.
Mindy Grossman age
If you throw the pebble in the pond and the rings start circulating that much wider, you've done things and created things for people that they didn't think they'd ever be able to do. That excites me.
Mindy Grossman art
I've not been afraid to take risks, be resolute and passionate about purpose, and inspire people to do things that maybe they thought weren't possible.
Mindy Grossman people
I've always been a risk taker; I've never believed in following the expected path.
Mindy Grossman believe
I've always had a philosophy that position doesn't define power. Impact defines power. What impact are you making on people? What impact are you making on business?
Mindy Grossman philosophy
I'm a love-it-or-hate-it person. I don't waffle.
Mindy Grossman love
The days of trying to get a consumer to come to you are over. You really have to be in the consumer's world, wherever, whenever and however.
Mindy Grossman world
There's a pure and simple business case for diversity: Companies that are more diverse are more successful.
Mindy Grossman success
You have to understand who your customer is and her motivations and marry it to what's happening in the outside world.
Mindy Grossman motivation
What creates success on HSN is great product, a great story and a great storyteller.
Mindy Grossman success
I love hidden things. When you buy something with quality, you like the inside to be as beautiful as the outside. Nobody's going to see it, but you know it's there.
Mindy Grossman love
The model of getting the consumer to come to you is old, and the new model is how can you get to the consumer on their terms, in ways they want to engage in. How people are choosing to interface with content is very different. You've got to marry different platforms.
Mindy Grossman people
Throughout my career, no matter what I've done or what decision I've made, I've made it with my family first. My priority was taking care of my family while I was taking care of business.
Mindy Grossman family
Ive learned not to let people judge me in how I want to live my life. Every single woman is an individual, and theres no one path. You just have to take the path that you think is right for you.
Mindy Grossman life

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