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Simone Elkeles

Romance novels are my favorite books to read. I write young adult romances, and am so happy to be promoting this wonderful genre.
Simone Elkeles romance
When I write, it's like watching a movie in my head.
Simone Elkeles write
Two dads have sent me letters that said my books changed their daughters' lives. I send them packages with T-shirts and posters because, come on... that's the coolest.
Simone Elkeles books
For my 'Perfect Chemistry' series, I did movie-style book trailers, and my fans went crazy for them.
Simone Elkeles book
I like to write books that touch my heart. I want to entertain, and I love to entertain myself.
Simone Elkeles love
I get a lot of mail from boys in detention centers, including one from a center where they only had a few copies of my novel. They had a deal with each other that they'd read a couple of chapters and then slide it under the door to the next guy. I think that's very cool.
Simone Elkeles novel
I lost my dad when I was younger, and I know what it's like to lose a beloved parent.
Simone Elkeles love
I tried writing adult romances, but it just didn't fit my voice.
Simone Elkeles romance
I was definitely meant to be a young adult author, and I love it - I'm here to stay!
Simone Elkeles love
I write edgy, sexy teen romances, and that's what I'll continue to do.
Simone Elkeles romance
Everyone who has ever met me for at least five minutes knows I'm a really funny person. I love to laugh and to make people laugh, so writing comedy comes naturally to me.
Simone Elkeles love
Fans always say they laughed and they cried while reading my books. And I tell them that I laughed and cried while writing them.
Simone Elkeles writing
Football players are misunderstood. They aren't the dumb jocks people think they are.
Simone Elkeles people
Some things need to be left unsaid.
Simone Elkeles need

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