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The 10 best art quotes

1.) ”I think that when you are famous every weakness is exaggerated. ...said, "Talent is developed in privacy," you know? And it's really true. ... Creativity has got to start with humanity and when you're a human being, you feel, you suffer. You're gay, you're sick, you're nervous or whatever.”. Marilyn Monroe
2.) ”He has the right to criticize, who has the heart to help.”. Abraham Lincoln
3.) ”The voters selected us, in short, because they had confidence in our judgement and our ability to exercise that judgement from a position where we could determine what were their own best interest, as a part of the nation's interest.”. John F. Kennedy
4.) ”A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”. Nelson Mandela
5.) ”For my own part I have always felt that a politician is to be judged by the animosities which he excites among his opponents. I have always set myself not merely to relish but to deserve thoroughly their censure.”. Winston Churchill
6.) ”Personal computing today is a rich ecosystem encompassing massive PC-based data centers, notebook and Tablet PCs, handheld devices, and smart cell phones. It has expanded from the desktop and the data center to wherever people need it — at their desks, in a meeting, on the road or even in the air.”. Bill Gates
7.) ”Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”. Muhammad Ali
8.) ”My ambition is much higher than independence. Through the deliverance of India, I seek to deliver the so-called weaker races of the Earth from the crushing heels of Western exploitation in which England is the greatest partner.”. Mahatma Gandhi
9.) ”I presume this as to enable us to sweep Britain clean of Socialism.On a Tory party conference, holding a broom. date unknown”. Margaret Thatcher
10.) ”Why do you think that at 67 I would start a career as a dictator ?”. Charles de Gaulle

These are the 10 best art Quotes!