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The 10 best lyrics quotes

1.) ”Complete lyrics”. Bob Dylan
2.) ”All of my lyrics are based on the one thing that's never failed me, and that's the Word of God.”. Yolanda Adams
3.) ”For several centuries what has passed for song in literary circles was any text that looked like the lyrics for a commonplace melodic setting.”. David Antin
4.) ”I have this theory, bands with enigmatic lyrics attract crazies.”. Michael Azerrad
5.) ”A song is a song. But there are some songs, ah, some songs are the greatest. The Beatles song 'Yesterday.' Listen to the lyrics.”. Chuck Berry
6.) ”I am a big Pink Floyd fan. That is where a lot of the concept lyrics come from.”. Gary Cherone
7.) ”I want to make an album with just great beats and big vocals and just amazing lyrics.”. Tessanne Chin
8.) ”We don't analyze our lyrics.”. Santiago Durango
9.) ”Most of the lyrics are over a year old, and it doesn't feel like it's about me. Time created a distance.”. Beth Gibbons
10.) ”I don't like to get too specific about lyrics. It places limitations on them, and spoils the listeners' interpretation.”. David Gilmour

These are the 10 best lyrics Quotes!