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The deadly arms race, and the huge resources it absorbs, have too long overshadowed all else we must do. We must prevent that arms race from spreading to new nations, to new nuclear powers and to the reaches of outer space.
John F. Kennedy reading
"You know, I'm a big believer in touch and digital reading, but I still think that some mixture of voice, the pen and a real keyboard - in other words a netbook - will be the mainstream on that." quoted in (February 2010)
Bill Gates reading
Happy will be those who give ear to the words of the dead:—The reading of good works and the observing of their precepts.
Leonardo da Vinci reading
There is a solidarity and interdependence about the modern world, both technically and morally, which makes it impossible for any nation completely to isolate itself from economic and political upheavals in the rest of the world, especially when such upheavals appear to be spreading and not declining. There can be no stability or peace either within nations or between nations except under laws and moral standards adhered to by all. International anarchy destroys every foundation for peace. It jeopardizes either the immediate or the future security of every nation, large or small. It is, therefore, a matter of vital interest and concern to the people of the United States that the sanctity of international treaties and the maintenance of international morality be restored.
Franklin D. Roosevelt reading
If the book is good, is about something that you know, and is truly written, and reading it over you see that this is so, you can let the boys yip and the noise will have that pleasant sound coyotes make on a very cold night when they are out in the snow and you are in your own cabin that you have built or paid for with your work.
Ernest Hemingway reading
If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use reading at all.
Oscar Wilde reading
Physically I'm tired at the end of the day and quite glad to be reading in bed by midnight.
Bob Geldof reading
The administration of government lies in getting proper men. Such men are to be got by means of the ruler's own character. That character is to be cultivated by his treading in the ways of duty. And the treading those ways of duty is to be cultivated by the cherishing of benevolence.
Confucius reading
All poets who, when reading from their own works, experience a choked feeling, are major. For that matter, all poets who read from their own works are major, whether they choke or not.
E. B. White reading
There are three kinds of men: The ones that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.
Will Rogers reading
My girlfriend always giggles during sex. No matter what she's reading.
Emo Philips reading
I was at the job of reading it for days and days, endlessly daunted and halted by its laborious dullness, its flatulent fatuity, its almost fabulous inconsequentiality. (On H. G. Wells' Joan and Peter) Ch. 2, "The Late Mr. Wells"
H. L. Mencken reading
Calvin: I understand my tests are popular reading in the teachers' lounge. p.91
Bill Watterson reading
Under the spreading chestnut tree I sold you and you sold me. There lie they, and here lie we Under the spreading chestnut tree.
Nineteen Eighty Four reading
Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, 'and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversations?'
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland reading
Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind.
Computers reading
The Faith you mention has doubtless its use in the World. I do not desire to see it diminished, nor would I endeavour to lessen it in any Man. But I wish it were more productive of good Works, than I have generally seen it: I mean real good Works, Works of Kindness, Charity, Mercy, and Publick Spirit; not Holiday-keeping, Sermon-Reading or Hearing; performing Church Ceremonies, or making long Prayers, filled with Flatteries and Compliments, despis’d even by wise Men, and much less capable of pleasing the Deity. The worship of God is a Duty; the hearing and reading of Sermons may be useful; but, if Men rest in Hearing and Praying, as too many do, it is as if a Tree should Value itself on being water’d and putting forth Leaves, tho’ it never produc’d any Fruit.
Benjamin Franklin reading
In general, when reading a scholarly critic, one profits more from his quotations than from his comments.
W. H. Auden reading
Well, I'm reading about the battle of New Orleans right now. I’ve got an ecolectic (sic) reading list.
George W. Bush reading
I'm referred to, I see, as 'the biggest banker in modern publishing'. Now there's a line that needed the celebrated Guardian proof-reading.
Terry Pratchett reading
I would really like to slow down the speed of reading with continual punctuation marks. For I would like to be read slowly. (As I myself read.)
Ludwig Wittgenstein reading
Under a spreading chestnut-tree The village smithy stands; The smith, a mighty man is he, With large and sinewy hands; And the muscles of his brawny arms Are strong as iron bands.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow reading
Always fatuity, vulgarity, as soon as human passion is touched. [...] Just as someis of the eye (form, colour) and some of the ear, sois of the palate. Not only has he constant reference to its pleasures, but the general sensation after reading him is one of tasting. 'What's the harm?' Well, taste for some reason or the other can't carry one far into the world of beauty—that reason being perhaps that though you don't want comradership there you do want the possibility of comradership, and A cannot swallow B's mouthful by any possibility:....and this exclusiveness (to maunder on) also attaches to the physical side ofthough not the least to the spiritual.
E. M. Forster reading
My dear Wormwood, I note what you say about guiding your patient's reading and taking care that he sees a good deal of his materialist friend. But are you not being a trifle naive? It sounds as if you suppose that argument was the way to keep him out of the enemy's clutches. That might have been so if he had lived a few centuries earlier.
C. S. Lewis reading
And now the sagacious reader, who is capable of reading into these lines what does not stand written in them, but is nevertheless implied, will be able to form some conception of the serious feelings with which I then set foot in Emmendingen.Nun aber wird der einsichtige Leser, welcher f
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe reading
I thought of aof labyrinths, of one sinuous spreading labyrinth that would encompass the past and the future and in some way involve the stars.
Jorge Luis Borges reading
In reading this author [] and comparing him with , I have found that they are assuredly the two greatest defenders of the two most celebrated sects of the world, and the only ones conformable to reason, since we can only follow one of these two roads, namely: either that there is a God, and then we place in him the sovereign good; or that he is uncertain, and that then the true good is also uncertain, since he is incapable of it.
Blaise Pascal reading
I reread? I lied! I don't dare to reread. I cannot reread. What's the point, for me, in rereading?
Fernando Pessoa reading
When we go up to the shelves in the reading-room of the British Museum, how like it is to wasps flying up and down an apricot tree that is trained against a wall, or cattle coming down to drink at a pool!
Samuel Butler (novelist) reading
I am reading Jonson's verses to the memory of Shakespeare; an insolent, sparing, and invidious panegyric...
John Dryden reading
What sense of superiority it gives one to escape reading some book which every one else is reading.
Alice James reading
I attacked with great resolution the editorial matter, and, reading it from beginning to end without understanding a syllable, conceived the possibility of its being Chinese, and so re-read it from the end to the beginning, but with no more satisfactory result.
Edgar Allan Poe reading
I'm listening toAnd I'm readingSome people they tell me I've got the blood of the land in my voice.
Bob Dylan reading
Just because somebody hears something you say, or reads something that you write, doesn’t mean you’ve reached them. With reading comprehension being what it is in the U. S., you can safely toss that one out the window. If you want to judge by the listening habits of people who buy records, the first thing they do is put it on and talk over it.
Frank Zappa reading
From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend on reading it.
Groucho Marx reading
[in a letter] Dear Red, If you're reading this, you've gotten out. And if you've come this far, maybe you're willing to come a little further. You remember the name of the town, don't you? I could use a good man to help me get my project on wheels. I'll keep an eye out for you and the chessboard ready. Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. I will be hoping that this letter finds you, and finds you well. Your friend, Andy.
The Shawshank Redemption reading
Dolt & ass that I am I have lived more than 29 years, & until a few days ago, never made close acquaintance with the divine . Ah, he's full of sermons-on-the-mount, and gentle, aye, almost as . I take such men to be inspired. I fancy that this moment Shakspeare in heaven ranks with ,and . And if another Messiah ever comes twill be in Shakesper's person. — I am mad to think how minute a cause has prevented me hitherto from reading Shakspeare. But until now, every copy that was come-atable to me, happened to be in a vile small print unendurable to my eyes which are tender as young sparrows. But chancing to fall in with this glorious edition, I now exult in it, page after page.
Herman Melville reading
I thought I'd begin by reading a poem by Shakespeare, but then I thought, why should I? He never reads any of mine.
Spike Milligan reading
Finding the right form for your story is simply to realize the most natural way of telling the story. The test of whether or not a writer has divined the natural shape of his story is just this: after reading it, can you imagine it differently, or does it silence your imagination and seem to you absolute and final? As an orange is final. As an orange is something nature has made just right.
Truman Capote reading
Any path that narrows future possibilities may become a lethal trap. Humans are not threading their way through a maze; they scan a vast horizon filled with unique opportunities. The narrowing viewpoint of the maze should appeal only to creatures with their noses buried in the sand.
Dune reading
Personally, I stick to mythat we are watching the , more than the , of a . The scandal for you, is thatandshould have come to this tragedy because they have sincerely tried the road of . But did they not precisely make a mistake on the true meaning of "peace"? Peace cannot mean anything but a HIGHER PROCESS OF CONQUEST. … The world is bound to belong to its most active elements. … Just now, thedeserve to win because, however bad or mixed is their spirit, they have more spirit than the rest of the world. It is easy to criticize and despise the . But no spiritual aims or energy will ever succeed, or even deserve to succeed, unless it is able to spread and keep spreading a fifth column.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin reading
The stars are dreaming but they are laughing I see myself in the smile of a polar bear while turning the pages of an arctic sky reading the delirious lines that foretell the sovereignty of language and the rule of invisible birds
Nancy Peters reading
The right reading for this is the one I'm giving.
Orson Welles reading
By paying attention to the opinion of the visible reading public and of the usual reviewers, one falls into the most fatuous confusion.
Sёren Kierkegaard reading
Always fatuity, vulgarity, as soon as human passion is touched. [...] Just as someis of the eye (form, colour) and some of the ear, sois of the palate. Not only has he constant reference to its pleasures, but the general sensation after reading him is one of tasting. 'What's the harm?' Well, taste for some reason or the other can't carry one far into the world of beauty—that reason being perhaps that though you don't want comradership there you do want the possibility of comradership, and A cannot swallow B's mouthful by any possibility:....and this exclusiveness (to maunder on) also attaches to the physical side of sex though not the least to the spiritual.
Sex reading
Basler finds my Lincoln the 'phoniest historical novel I have ever had the pleasure of reading.'... Also, 'more than half the book could never have happened as told.' Unfortunately, he doesn't say which half. If I knew, we could then cut it free from the phony half and publish the result as Basler's Vidal's Lincoln.
Gore Vidal reading
Logical analysis applied to mental phenomenon shows that there is but one law of mind, namely that ideas tend to spread continuously and to affect certain others which stand to them in a peculiar relation of affectibility. In this spreading they lose intensity, and especially the power of affecting others, but gain generality and become welded with other ideas.
Logic reading
There is no reason why the profoundest thoughts should not make easy and exciting reading. A profound thought is an exciting thing — as exciting as a detective's deductions or hunches. The simpler the words in which a thought is expressed the more stimulating its effect.
Eric Hoffer reading
Hark! the numbers soft and clear, Gently steal upon the ear; Now louder, and yet louder rise And fill with spreading sounds the skies.
Composer reading
There are many accounts of Nelson's words prior to, and during this famous battle against the Napoleonic French and Spanish fleets, in which he was fatally wounded, with minor differences in wording and chronology. These quotations draw from direct readings of several of them.
Horatio Nelson reading
Much reading is an oppression of the mind, and extinguishes the natural candle, which is the reason of so many senseless scholars in the world.
William Penn reading
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. The study of this Book is forbidden. It is wise to destroy this copy after the first reading. Whosoever disregards this does so at his own risk and peril. These are most dire.
Aleister Crowley reading
What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it.
J. D. Salinger reading
Nor do I propose to defend the right to talk on a mobile while driving a car, though I don't believe that is necessarily any more dangerous than the many other risky things that people do with their free hands while driving - nose-picking, reading the paper, studying the A-Z, beating the children, and so on.
Boris Johnson reading
Spend most of the day reading fascisti leaflets. They certainly have turned the whole country into an army. From cradle to grave one is cast in the mould of fascismo and there can be no escape ... It is certainly a socialist experiment in that it destroys individuality. It destroys liberty.
Fascism reading
Long discourses, and philosophical readings, at best, amaze and confound, but do not instruct children. When I say, therefore, that they must be treated as rational creatures, I mean that you must make them sensible, by the mildness of your carriage, and in the composure even in the correction of them, that what you do is reasonable in you, and useful and necessary for them; and that it is not out of , passion or fancy, that you command or forbid them any thing.
John Locke reading
applied to mental phenomenon shows that there is but one law of mind, namely that ideas tend to spread continuously and to affect certain others which stand to them in a peculiar relation of affectibility. In this spreading they lose intensity, and especially the power of affecting others, but gain generality and become welded with other ideas.
Charles Pierce reading
I find it breathtaking [...] that when musical composition competitions are held, the contestants often do not submit tapes or records (or live performances) of their works they submit written scored, and the judges confidently make their aesthetic judgements on the basis of just reading the scores and hearing the music in their minds. How good are the best musical imaginations? Can a trained musician, swiftly reading a score tell just how that voicing of dissonant oboes and flutes over the massed strings will sound?
Daniel Dennett reading
To be completely cured of newspapers, spend a year reading the previous week’s newspapers.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb reading
It was Trout’sthat somebody would be outraged by the footprints. This would give him the opportunity to reply grandly, "What is it that offends you so? I am simply using man’s first printing press. You are reading a bold and universal headline which says ,'I am here, I am here, I am here.'"
Kurt Vonnegut reading
I say that we must not interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists, because the Constitution forbids it, and the general welfare does not require us to do so. We must not withhold an efficient Fugitive Slave law, because the Constitution requires us, as I understand it, not to withhold such a law. But we must prevent the outspreading of the institution, because neither the Constitution nor general welfare requires us to extend it. We must prevent the revival of the African slave trade, and the enacting by Congress of a Territorial slave code. We must prevent each of these things being done by either Congresses or courts. The people of theseare the rightful masters of bothand , not to overthrow the , but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.
Lincoln reading
The nicest notes I've received from readers are those that tell me I've gotten them back into reading for entertainment. For me, there is no greater compliment.
Jeff Abbott reading
I got into reading a lot of noir and a lot of thrillers as well, and I really admired the plotting about those and the way that they can surprise you. And obviously to surprise people and to have twists in the tale, you have to plan quite carefully.
Joe Abercrombie reading
Hard work makes easy reading or, at least, easier reading.
M. H. Abrams reading
I keep reading between the lies.
Goodman Ace reading
I enjoyed reading and learning at school, and at university I enjoyed extending my reading and learning. Once I left Cambridge, I went to Yale as a fellow. I spent two years there. After that, George Gale made me literary editor of 'The Spectator.'
Peter Ackroyd reading
I have very positive memories of reading biographies of unusual Americans as a child.
Chris Van Allsburg reading
I learned to be a regional writer by reading people like Flannery O'Connor. She was a huge influence.
David Almond reading
I'm good at reading people.
Al Alvarez reading
In some areas I am more noted for reading then I am for cookies!
Wally Amos reading
One of the series I like is D.M. Cornish's 'Monster Blood Tattoo,' in which he creates a whole language. Kids who are reading that are building a language in their heads. There's no real cognitive difference. I think kids are excited by language, and they're not always given credit for that.
Matthew Tobin Anderson reading
I'm not big on reading directions. I can't do that. I'm just not from that world.
Richard Dean Anderson reading
You cannot get PTSD from reading a book or from hearing a story, even repeated stories over and over.
Dale Archer reading
It sounds extraordinary but it's a fact that balance sheets can make fascinating reading.
Mary Archer reading
Instapaper wouldn't be of as much value if it weren't for these mobile and e-reader devices. They give you a separate physical context for reading.
Marco Arment reading
I'm a bit more of a suspense reader on the adult side, but my favorites were the ones I grew up reading.
Jennifer Armentrout reading
I think people enjoy reading about money, but the people who are in charge of giving me guidance tell me not to talk about it in interviews. Why not? That's what everybody thinks about.
Sean Astin reading
Communications technology changes possibilities for communication, but that doesn't mean it changes the inherited structure of the brain. So you may think that you're addicted to online reading, but as soon as it isn't available anymore, your brain will pretty immediately adjust to other forms of reading. It's a habit like all habits.
Margaret Atwood reading
Proust is a hero of mine. I read 'A la recherche' in one go, and I'm a very slow reader. It had an astonishing impact, reading it on my own and being my main company. I think Proust is the most intelligent person to ever have written a novel.
Edward St Aubyn reading
When you're young, you keep reading new writers and you keep changing your mind about how you ought to sound.
Paul Auster reading
An American of the present day reading his Sunday newspaper in a state of lazy collapse is one of the most perfect symbols of the triumph of quantity over quality that the world has yet seen.
Irving Babbitt reading
In Victorian England, people were told they should discourage their wives from reading because it would lead them into all sorts of devilish wickedness.
Marion Bailey reading
In reading plays, however, it should always be remembered that any play, however great, loses much when not seen in action.
George Pierce Baker reading
I really think that reading a whole script is kind of prying and neurotic, don't you?
Tom Baker reading
Land bridges were everywhere during the extinction, many species were spreading, and there were many diseases.
Robert T. Bakker reading
Most people associate reading with laying on the beach. They don't see that it's crucial for a democracy!
David Baldacci reading
I'm always reading and looking around for the next thing.
Eric Bana reading
Smell is a very animal thing, almost reptilian, where the more cerebral things like reading less so.
Iain Banks reading
And out of a desire essentially to imitate what I was reading, I began to write, like a clever monkey.
Russell Banks reading
There were always plenty of newspapers in the house. 'The Times', 'Guardian', 'Daily Telegraph' and 'Daily Mail' were all regular fixtures on the coffee table. I used to enjoy reading 'The Times' editorial pages and the 'Daily Mail' sports pages.
Lionel Barber reading
When I realized I was having trouble reading, I was too embarrassed to ask for help. Some teachers believed in me, but I just wasn't focused on school - I was into the music and trying to please my dad.
Fantasia Barrino reading
The attitude of the actor is his interpretation of what he reads, and the written word is what creates the role in the actor's mind, and I guess in reading the things that were given to me, I reacted as you guys saw me, you know.
Gene Barry reading
The reader's challenge is to replicate the experiment by reading the poem and to draw their own conclusions.
John Barton reading
A taste for the best reading is not cultivated in Spanish girls, even where the treasures of that great Castilian literature are accessible to them.
Katharine Lee Bates reading
I found the iPad to be too large and heavy to use comfortably in casual situations (like reading in bed, for example), and too limited to use as a replacement for my laptop. By comparison, the Nexus 7 is just the right size for use anywhere - it's very similar in size to my daughter's Kindle Fire, but lighter.
John Battelle reading
People really want to think that these things really happened. I don't know why that important, but I know that when I finish reading a novel or something, I want to know how much of that really happened to this author.
Alison Bechdel reading
I was in the tennis bubble. I wasn't thinking about the big picture. I didn't notice what they said on television, I wasn't reading any papers. I had a coach and a manager, and they kept me in the bubble.
Boris Becker reading
A person can do a lot of reading and research as I have done. I went to Spain and spent a whole summer there with my family, immersing myself in the culture. But all that isn't really necessary to experience the music.
Maya Beiser reading
I go to readings by fiction writers like Alice Walker, and I'm envious of the level of attention they generate.
Derrick Bell reading
I do not write for the reader to come, but for him who is here, short of reading the text on my shoulder.
Mario Benedetti reading
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