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#12228 Terry Pratchett

I don't like the place at all. It's all wrong. An imposition on the Landscape. I reckon that Stonehenge was build by the contemporary equivalent of Microsoft, whereas Avebury was definitely an Apple circle. .

Terry Pratchett Quotes about contemporary
#23547 Jorge Luis Borges

The flattery of posterity is not worth much more than contemporary flattery, which is worth nothing. .

Jorge Luis Borges Quotes about contemporary
#25962 Fernando Pessoa

Contemporary portrait by Jo .

Fernando Pessoa Quotes about contemporary
#65328 Blake Bailey

I'm a huge fan of 'The Lost Weekend.' I have this dog-eared copy of the 1963 Time Reading Program edition, which was a series of contemporary classics reprinted as a quality paperback. .

Blake Bailey Quotes about contemporary
#65334 Chris Bailey

I was listening to the first record the other day, and it sounds remarkably contemporary. .

Chris Bailey Quotes about contemporary
#123226 Kim Dickens

I don't like all of the contemporary country. I like some of it, but I'm mostly into the traditional style. .

Kim Dickens Quotes about contemporary
#130579 Alice Morse Earle

It is easy to gain a definite notion of the furnishing of colonial houses from a contemporary and reliable source - the inventories of the estates of the colonists. .

Alice Morse Earle Quotes about contemporary
#134673 Mireille Enos

When I was doing theater for all those years in New York, I did a lot of classical theater, wearing big corsets and big dresses and doing dialects. It's interesting that once I moved to TV, I'm playing these scrappy, contemporary toughies. .

Mireille Enos Quotes about contemporary
#138269 Sebastian Faulks

I've found contemporary Britain difficult to write about because it seems to me to have lacked gravity or grandeur. This is some cultural problem which I don't really understand. It simply isn't the same in the United States. .

Sebastian Faulks Quotes about contemporary
#465242 QI

Stephen Fry: According to one contemporary report, 171.000 British troops visited the brothels in one street in Le Havre in just one year. .

QI Quotes about contemporary

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