John Wagner

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We needed machinery to dig out the hot spots and really raked over the debris. .

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We consider discharging without a permit to be a very significant violation and we will seek substantial penalties for such violations. .

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#2758903 John Wagner

We are appreciative of the effort Greg has put into his position and the contributions he has made towards shaping the team into one of MLS most competitive on-field teams, as well as his contributions towards the building of our new home -- Pizza Hut Park, .

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What this technology did was take away the guesswork, ... It allowed them to have -- and know that they were going to have -- a healthy child and one that would be matched. .

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Were filling a little bit of a niche. Its tough to sell 40,000 (concert) tickets in a stadium. Most of the (amphitheaters) do 16,000 to 18,000, and were in the 20,000-plus range. We can do a concert on a Friday night and a soccer game on Saturday. Thats unheard of for stadium venues. .

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Weve never asked for administrative penalty authority. The vast majority of our situations are ones where there are not immediate threats to human health. .

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Whats new here is not the use of umbilical cord blood in the treatment of a life-threatening disease, but its the way the transplant was engineered and the way the baby was conceived. .

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High density is not the way to protect our neighborhoods. This does not give an adequate buffer for the people who have lived in their homes for 50 years. .

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If a violator does not feel they are guilty, they will wait for a judge to set up trial date. .

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I figured everybody there was a winner, whether they won a medal or not, ... You take a guy in his eighties who can still swim the length of a pool, and in my mind, hes a winner. .

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If theres an emergency, you can always jump out. .

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If (the water discharge applications are) legal and in good shape, we will process those applications normally. .

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It becomes more and more difficult to pay, especially knowing that at times the money isnt used wisely. .

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Mike and his staff have worked very hard and we all hoped for a turnaround, but it doesnt seem to be happening. We have an obligation to the fan base of the Dallas Burn and Major League Soccer to put a competitive team on the field. .

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That flew in the face of where the Legislature was heading. States cant create separate programs to avoid the participation rate. .

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That makes it a stealthier virus, ... Its harder for the immune system of the body to find it and react to it. .

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As an organization we have decided to move in a different direction and we wish Greg all the best in his future endeavors. .

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depends on strength because he cant retain technique. .

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Its our feeling that what is being proposed here is an attempt to go beyond what is reasonable. .

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Its like a football play and you will never know who will win, .

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Its a serious situation. It appears somebody was trying to hide the fact that they had a discharge that was not permitted. .

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They helped us in the beginning, even with securing a bid for financing. They worked up all the pre-planning and then got all the subcontractors and architects put together to actually build it. They were experienced, professional and easy to communicate with. .

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A lot of times the violator will contact us and we will negotiate a settlement which normally includes corrective action within a specified time and payment of a penalty. .

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The fan feedback we received we can not ignore. Dragon Stadium is a very fine stadium, but our players and fans want the Burn to play on a grass soccer field and we want to be receptive to that need. .

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If each day is a gift, Id like to know where to return Mondays! .

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Everything slows down with age, except the time it takes cake and ice cream to reach your hips. .

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Dont let aging get you down. Its too hard to get back up. .

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I guess sometimes you just have to fight your battles. .

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Theres a thrill in going someplace you arent supposed to go. The place should come down. .

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Thanks to the invention of the telescope, planets that are 100 billion miles away look to be only 50 billion miles away. .

John Wagner

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