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The Winter's Tale

Camillo: You pay a great deal too dear for what's given freely.Archidamus: Believe me, I speak as my understanding instructs me, and as mine honesty puts it to utterance.
The Winter's Tale understanding
You put me off with limber vows; but I, Though you would seek to unsphere the stars with oaths, Should yet say, Sir, no going. Verily, You shall not go; a lady's verily's As potent as a lord's. Will you go yet? Force me to keep you as a prisoner, Not like a guest; so you shall pay your fees When you depart, and save your thanks. How say you? My prisoner or my guest? by your dread verily, One of them you shall be.
The Winter's Tale art
We were, fair queen, Two lads that thought there was no more behind, But such a day to-morrow as to-day, And to be boy eternal.
The Winter's Tale thought
What we chang'd Was innocence for innocence; we knew not The doctrine of ill-doing, nor dream'd That any did.
The Winter's Tale dream
Of this make no conclusion, lest you say Your queen and I are devils: yet, go on; The offences we have made you do, we'll answer, If you first sinn'd with us, and that with us You did continue fault, and that you slipp'd not With any but with us.
The Winter's Tale evil
Leontes: Hermione, my dearest, thou never spok'st To better purpose.Hermione: Never?Leontes: Never, but once.Hermione: What! have I twice said well? when was't before?
The Winter's Tale purpose
My last good deed was to entreat his stay; What was my first? it has an elder sister, Or I mistake you: O, would her name were Grace! But once before I spoke to the purpose: when? Nay, let me have't; I long.
The Winter's Tale purpose
They say we are Almost as like as eggs.
The Winter's Tale
I may be negligent, foolish, and fearful; In every one of these no man is free, But that his negligence, his folly, fear, Among the infinite doings of the world, Sometime puts forth. In your affairs, my lord, If ever I were wilfull-negligent, It was my folly; if industriously I play'd the fool, it was my negligence, Not weighing well the end; if ever fearful To do a thing, where I the issue doubted, Whereof the execution did cry out Against the non-performance, 'twas a fear Which oft infects the wisest. These, my lord, Are such allow'd infirmities that honesty Is never free of. But, beseech your grace,Be plainer with me; let me know my trespass By its own visage; if I then deny it, 'Tis none of mine.
The Winter's Tale fear
You may as well Forbid the sea for to obey the moon, As, or by oath remove, or counsel shake The fabric of his folly, whose foundation Is pil'd upon his faith, and will continue The standing of his body.
The Winter's Tale faith
I am sure 'tis safer to Avoid what's grown than question how 'tis born.
The Winter's Tale
This jealousy Is for a precious creature; as she's rare, Must it be great; and, as his person's mighty, Must it be violent: and as he does conceive He is dishonour'd by a man which ever Profess'd to him, why, his revenges must In that be made more bitter. Fear o'ershades me.
The Winter's Tale man

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