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Gaines Adams

Back home in South Carolina, you have a lot of little soul food restaurants you can run to and get some quick, decent food.
Gaines Adams soul
I'm a four-down guy. I can rush the passer and stop the run. I know I can be a difference-maker.
Gaines Adams
Every day I went to work at Tampa, I gave it my all.
Gaines Adams work
Greg White got a boxer because I said I was getting one. I was talking about getting a boxer since before training camp.
Gaines Adams sin
I like to have fun, but I also try to make time for my son.
Gaines Adams time
I love getting after that quarterback! That's my deal: sacking the quarterback.
Gaines Adams love
It's funny, as a little kid, you look up to those guys who you play as in 'Madden,' and now to see myself in the game, it's an honor.
Gaines Adams funny
Julius Peppers is a beast, man. I don't know how many pounds he outweighs me by... I still try to do things like him to make my game better.
Gaines Adams man
You know you've made your mark when you're on the cover of a videogame.
Gaines Adams you
Coach Morris wasn't too hard on me, not at all. Being drafted where I was at, there were high expectations for me. I still have high expectations for myself.
Gaines Adams self
First of all, I want to thank the Buccaneers for giving me the opportunity and for picking me in the draft. This is the nature of the beast, though, and this is a new start for me. I wish them the best of luck, and I am just glad to be a Bear.
Gaines Adams art
I feel like by me putting on a couple more pounds will help my game tremendously. Putting on 10-15 pounds will help me stop the run better and be a more dominant pass rusher.
Gaines Adams men
I want to be a great player. I don't want to play for the money. I don't want to play for fame. I'd just as soon no one knew who I was. I want to play football because it's football.
Gaines Adams money
It really doesn't matter to me whether it's defensive end or linebacker. I just want to play the game of football. I've been working on linebacker drills since I got out to Fischer Sports in Phoenix.
Gaines Adams work

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