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#8966 Bill Watterson

Calvin: Childhood is for spoiling adulthood. p107 (08 Jul 92) .

Bill Watterson Quotes about childhood
#11120 Arthur C. Clarke

We stand now at the turning point between two eras. Behind us is ato which we can never return ... The coming of the rocket brought to an end a million years of isolation ... the childhood of our race was over andas we know it began. .

Arthur C. Clarke Quotes about childhood
#25499 Blaise Pascal

Wisdom leads us back to childhood. .

Blaise Pascal Quotes about childhood
#38441 Virginia Woolf

That great Cathedral space which was childhood. .

Virginia Woolf Quotes about childhood
#41672 Jack Kerouac

I went one afternoon to theof my childhood and had a vision of what I must have really meant with "Beat"... the vision of the word Beat as being to mean beatific...began to call themselves beatniks, beats, jazzniks, bopniks, bugniks and finally I was called the "" of all this. .

Jack Kerouac Quotes about childhood
#51335 Diane Abbott

Tackling childhood obesity is key. .

Diane Abbott Quotes about childhood
#54944 Brian Aldiss

When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults. .

Brian Aldiss Quotes about childhood
#55741 Christa B. Allen

I carry a disposable camera. It takes me back to my childhood, when you had to develop your film and wait to see what pictures you got. .

Christa B. Allen Quotes about childhood
#55751 Christa B. Allen

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack in 'Titanic' was my childhood crush! .

Christa B. Allen Quotes about childhood
#57597 Cleveland Amory

There are three terrible ages of childhood - 1 to 10, 10 to 20, and 20 to 30. .

Cleveland Amory Quotes about childhood
#60881 Lance Armstrong

If we don't somehow stem the tide of childhood obesity, we're going to have a huge problem. .

Lance Armstrong Quotes about childhood
#64801 Gaston Bachelard

So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us. .

Gaston Bachelard Quotes about childhood
#65063 Penn Badgley

You know, as an only child, you're kind of in a bubble, and there are all sorts of things about my childhood that I still can't really place. .

Penn Badgley Quotes about childhood
#65519 Beryl Bainbridge

Everything else you grow out of, but you never recover from childhood. .

Beryl Bainbridge Quotes about childhood
#68028 Travis Barker

My mom died when I was 16. I had a rough childhood, you know what I mean, but it made me strong. .

Travis Barker Quotes about childhood
#70295 Charles Baudelaire

Genius is childhood recalled at will. .

Charles Baudelaire Quotes about childhood
#71383 Alison Bechdel

The satiric ethos of Mad was a much bigger childhood influence. .

Alison Bechdel Quotes about childhood
#79788 Louise Bogan

But childhood prolonged, cannot remain a fairyland. It becomes a hell. .

Louise Bogan Quotes about childhood
#79932 Chris Bohjalian

There is a lot of my childhood in 'The Sandcastle Girls.' .

Chris Bohjalian Quotes about childhood
#81718 Rachel Boston

Growing up on a mountain in Tennessee, I spent most of my childhood outside. .

Rachel Boston Quotes about childhood
#82067 Anthony Bourdain

I'm a comic nerd. I'm a former serious collector for much of my childhood and early teen years I wanted to draw underground comics. .

Anthony Bourdain Quotes about childhood
#82404 Crystal Bowersox

I had what you could call a chaotic childhood. My parents divorced when I was 2; I went back and forth between my mom's and dad's houses for years. But, you know, my parents tried to do the right thing. As crazy as everything was, and as much fighting and everything, there was always a feeling of support from them. .

Crystal Bowersox Quotes about childhood
#82411 Crystal Bowersox

I had what you could call a chaotic childhood. My parents divorced when I was 2; I went back and forth between my mom's and dad's houses for years. .

Crystal Bowersox Quotes about childhood
#82513 Hamish Bowles

When I think of my childhood, I see my mother, the complete sixties parent, decked in purple frappe silk caftans, the acidic smell of newly stripped pine mingling with incense. .

Hamish Bowles Quotes about childhood
#84291 Daniel Breaker

Stevie Wonder's 'Songs in the Key of Life' was on constant shuffle throughout my childhood. I remember my dad playing some stellar Max Roach albums as well. .

Daniel Breaker Quotes about childhood
#84328 Berkeley Breathed

I grew up in Los Angeles and always wished I'd spent a childhood in a far different place. .

Berkeley Breathed Quotes about childhood
#85655 Barbara Broccoli

All I can say is that I had an extraordinary childhood. .

Barbara Broccoli Quotes about childhood
#85961 Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

My childhood was marked by a tension between privilege on the one hand and emotional dysfunction on the other. .

Edgar Bronfman, Sr. Quotes about childhood
#86918 Chris Brown

My mom told me as a youngster I was always intellectual, like as far as being able to adapt fast and quick. But I had a fun childhood, went to regular school. .

Chris Brown Quotes about childhood
#88692 Bill Bryson

Boston's freeway system is insane. It was clearly designed by a person who had spent his childhood crashing toy trains. .

Bill Bryson Quotes about childhood
#94926 Sara Canning

I spent my childhood in Newfoundland and then my junior high and high school years in Alberta, Canada. .

Sara Canning Quotes about childhood
#98426 Shaun Cassidy

I had a kind of Dickensian childhood. .

Shaun Cassidy Quotes about childhood
#102051 Tracy Chevalier

Although I always said that I wanted to be a writer from childhood, I hadn't actually done much about it until I came to London. .

Tracy Chevalier Quotes about childhood
#104982 Beverly Cleary

I just wrote about childhood as I had known it. .

Beverly Cleary Quotes about childhood
#105320 Ernest Cline

I spent most of my childhood welded to my Atari 2600, until I got my first computer, a TRS-80. .

Ernest Cline Quotes about childhood
#108967 Pat Conroy

The great thing about all my siblings is we all agree we had a horrendous childhood. It's not like it doesn't affect us now; it affects us every day, in everything we do. .

Pat Conroy Quotes about childhood
#109419 Tre Cool

I didn't have a normal childhood by any means. .

Tre Cool Quotes about childhood
#109426 Tre Cool

I didn't have a normal childhood by any means. But it was what it was, and I appreciate what my parents did for me. .

Tre Cool Quotes about childhood
#110680 Abbie Cornish

I had an amazing childhood. .

Abbie Cornish Quotes about childhood
#113761 Chris Crutcher

I don't think I'll ever lose the feeling that I had when I read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' - Harper Lee was going back into her childhood. I grew up in a real small town - Lee's was in the South, mine the Northwest - but small towns have a lot in common. There was such a revelation in knowing that a story could be told like that. .

Chris Crutcher Quotes about childhood
#114296 Rory Culkin

I think we all miss our childhood. .

Rory Culkin Quotes about childhood
#118020 Jack Davenport

During my childhood, I was surrounded by actors, and all I remember is they were fun to be around. That kind of sticks. .

Jack Davenport Quotes about childhood
#118103 Larry David

I had a wonderful childhood, which is tough because it's hard to adjust to a miserable adulthood. .

Larry David Quotes about childhood
#119099 Rebecca Harding Davis

The only hero known to my childhood was Henry Clay. .

Rebecca Harding Davis Quotes about childhood
#122769 Dhanush

I don't know why, but rain comes into my head the minute I think of my childhood. .

Dhanush Quotes about childhood
#129909 Jacqueline de Ribes

My childhood lacked affection and ambience. .

Jacqueline de Ribes Quotes about childhood
#130030 Clint Eastwood

The innocence of childhood is like the innocence of a lot of animals. .

Clint Eastwood Quotes about childhood
#133308 Ben Elliot

Since childhood, I have been a cricket fanatic. .

Ben Elliot Quotes about childhood
#136702 Sigmund Freud

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection. .

Sigmund Freud Quotes about childhood
#142927 Dave Foley

There's something about strip malls that just reeks of my childhood. .

Dave Foley Quotes about childhood

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