greed quotes

#5390 Karl Marx

Money is therefore not only the object but also the fountainhead of greed. .

Karl Marx Quotes about greed
#15036 Ronald Reagan

One hundred nations in the UN have not agreed with us on just about everything that's come before them, where we're involved, and it didn't upset my breakfast at all. .

Ronald Reagan Quotes about greed
#54350 Peter Akinola

The Bible says that two cannot walk together unless they are agreed. .

Peter Akinola Quotes about greed
#96300 Bliss Carman

What are facts but compromises? A fact merely marks the point where we have agreed to let investigation cease. .

Bliss Carman Quotes about greed
#109465 Mason Cooley

Lust and greed are more gullible than innocence. .

Mason Cooley Quotes about greed
#115444 Democritus

It is greed to do all the talking but not to want to listen at all. .

Democritus Quotes about greed
#116823 Tyne Daly

I am a greedy actor in the sense that I like the big bites. Put a big fat steak in front of me, and I will eat it. .

Tyne Daly Quotes about greed
#125796 Ariel Dorfman

This America has been the country of greed rather than the country of need. .

Ariel Dorfman Quotes about greed
#137716 Dennis Farina

I wanted to do Buddy Faro as a small budget movie. They said no. So I wanted to do it as a series of recurring TV movies, and they said no. So I agreed to do it as a series. .

Dennis Farina Quotes about greed
#141059 Colin Firth

As much as the next person, I want to be approved of, but I'm not greedy for that stuff. .

Colin Firth Quotes about greed
#172023 Eliza Haywood

To know ourselves, is agreed by all to be the most useful Learning; the first Lessons, therefore, given us ought to be on that Subject. .

Eliza Haywood Quotes about greed
#194234 Ross Kemp

Riots born out of political issues arent the same as those born out of personal greed. .

Ross Kemp Quotes about greed
#315661 Interstellar 2014

Cooper: We agreed Amelia. 90%. .

Interstellar 2014 Quotes about greed
#2289129 Laurence J. Peter

As the farmer said, Im not greedy, all I want is the land next to mine. .

Laurence J. Peter Quotes about greed
#472310 Metalocalypse

Toki: No, we didnt agreed on nothing, we just all yelled and then he was beaten, thats was our conclusions. .

Metalocalypse Quotes about greed
#549315 P. G. Wodehouse

I agreed the situation was sticky. Indeed, offhand it was difficult to see how it could have been more glutinous. .

P. G. Wodehouse Quotes about greed
#578158 Daria

Daria: All right, lets not get panicked. Were going to look at the situation calmly and objectively. Agreed? .

Daria Quotes about greed
#283071 Spider Man 2 2004

J. Jonah Jameson: [speaking to his wife over the phone] Dear, we agreed to put on a wedding, not go into bankruptcy... Caviar? Who are we inviting, the czar? Get some cheese and crackers... some of those little cocktail weenies... .

Spider Man 2 2004 Quotes about greed
#555971 Halo series

Master Chief: Its finished. referencing the final lines of Halo: Combat Evolved where Cortana said it was finished and the Chief disagreed .

Halo series Quotes about greed

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