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#9734 Theodore Roosevelt

Letter written by Theodore Roosevelt to the Reverend Roland C. Dryer of Nunda, New York defending his omission of the mottofrom newly minted $10 and $20 gold coins designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and published by The New York Times on November 14, 1907. Source: .

Theodore Roosevelt Quotes about mission
#26682 Emil Cioran

My mission is to see things as they are. Exactly the contrary of a mission. .

Emil Cioran Quotes about mission
#36496 Richard Feynman

Rogers Commission Report into the(June 1986)· .

Richard Feynman Quotes about mission
#44227 Stephen Covey

We don't invent our missions, we detect them. .

Stephen Covey Quotes about mission
#44536 Novalis

We are on a mission: we are called to the cultivation of the . .

Novalis Quotes about mission
#45567 Monty Python's Flying Circus

Announcer: And the results of Epilogue: God exists by two falls to a submission. .

Monty Python's Flying Circus Quotes about mission
#52674 Jack Adams

We began intercepting Japanese radio transmissions, which indicated the two forces were very close to each other. We found out later that we were moving in opposite directions and passed each other by 32 miles. .

Jack Adams Quotes about mission
#55945 John R. Allen

Protecting Afghan civilians is the cornerstone of our mission. .

John R. Allen Quotes about mission
#65648 Carroll Baker

The big one I missed out on was 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.' MGM wanted me for it, and Warner Bros. wouldn't give me permission to do it. .

Carroll Baker Quotes about mission
#69358 John Barton

I have been told by a member of the board of one of Canada's most prominent literary magazines that a submission of mine once caused a great deal of controversy. .

John Barton Quotes about mission
#92421 Robert Byrd

Mission accomplished? The mission in Iraq, as laid out by President Bush and Vice President Cheney, has failed. .

Robert Byrd Quotes about mission
#108154 George Combe

The interval allowed was only five minutes, at the end of which I resumed the lecture; but so refreshing was the effects of the brief rest and, above all, the admission of pure air, that during the second hour the attention was as completely sustained as during the first. .

George Combe Quotes about mission
#112885 Jim Croce

I'm no missionary, and I can't wear any armor, either. I just gotta be the way I am. .

Jim Croce Quotes about mission
#123283 James Dickey

He can't imagine the result of the mission because he never saw it. .

James Dickey Quotes about mission
#152906 Andrea M. Ghez

One of the big mysteries about the black hole at the center of the galaxy is, 'Why don't we see emission from matter falling onto the black hole, or, rather, the black hole eating up its surroundings?' .

Andrea M. Ghez Quotes about mission
#178157 Abbie Hoffman

Structure is more important than content in the transmission of information. .

Abbie Hoffman Quotes about mission
#197237 Maurice Merleauponty

It is the mission of the twentieth century to elucidate the irrational. .

Maurice Merleauponty Quotes about mission
#200462 Matthew B Ridgway

Every mission accomplished. .

Matthew B Ridgway Quotes about mission
#211881 Smallville

Swann: One of my receiving stations picked up a faint signal. It took me years to decrypt it. And finally, I discovered a mathematical key that was built into the transmission. .

Smallville Quotes about mission
#222255 Liberty

The 9/11 Commission Report by the U. S. National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States .

Liberty Quotes about mission
#482015 Zoey 101

Quinn: That bear is broadcasting both audio and visual transmissions via broadband wavelengths to a remote digital receiver! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about mission
#2748708 Clive Woodward

I saw the same tapes that the citing commission would have seen and to me there was plenty of evidence, .

Clive Woodward Quotes about mission
#306736 Doom 2005

[after Sarge shoots Kid]John Grimm: [shouting] It was his first mission!Sarge: And its not gonna be my last. .

Doom 2005 Quotes about mission
#345698 Breaking Bad

Walter: Remission. Not to imply Im cured. I still have cancer, but theres been a significant reduction in the tumors. .

Breaking Bad Quotes about mission
#664284 Fritz Sauckel

I had repeatedly made written requests to the Fuehrer that I might be allowed to join the Wehrmacht as an ordinary soldier. He refused to give me this permission. .

Fritz Sauckel Quotes about mission
#276327 Oceans Eleven 2001

[pretending the Nevada Gaming Commission is racist]Frank: They might as well call it whitejack! .

Oceans Eleven 2001 Quotes about mission
#629176 Coldplay

My missionaries in a foreign field. .

Coldplay Quotes about mission
#390709 Salvation

Swami Vivekananda, in From Colombo to Almora: Being a Record of Swami Vivekanandas Return to India After His Mission .

Salvation Quotes about mission
#581710 Abbie Hoffman

Structure is more important than content in the transmission of information. .

Abbie Hoffman Quotes about mission
#1943791 Leigh Morris

We are committed to doing everything we can to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. .

Leigh Morris Quotes about mission
#286824 Rambo 2008

Major Pa Tee Tint: [upon seeing a missionary looking at him] Bring that one out to the pigs. .

Rambo 2008 Quotes about mission

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