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Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech, by definition, needs no protection. .

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Wallow too much in sensitivity and you can't deal with life, or the truth. .

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The key to accepting responsibility for your life is to accept the fact that your choices, every one of them, are leading you inexorably to either success or failure, however you define those terms. .

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A lot of people out there pay good lip service to the idea of personal freedom... right up to the point that someone tries to do something that they don't personally approve of. .

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If it is wrong for you to take money from someone else who earned it, to take their money by force for your own needs, then it is certainly just as wrong for you to demand that the government step forward and do this dirty work for you. .

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The Tea Partiers don't want all regulations eliminated. They just want laws that can be understood and regulations that aren't going to destroy businesses, or leave deserving veterans without a source for a mortgage loan. .

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I was your quintessential nerd in high school. .

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Many unions have contracts with employers that are based on a multiple of the prevailing minimum wage. If the minimum wage goes up, union salaries go up by a similar percentage. .

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Usually, I take a hike for a while after submitting a column to Townhall. Too much of my insensitivity can cause emotional problems among proggies, and I am, after all, a compassionate man. .

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Religion is all-too-often a refuge for scoundrels. .

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If you support the war on drugs in its present form, then you're only paying lip-service to the defense of freedom, and you don't really grasp the concept of the sovereign individual human being. .

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The House of Representatives was not designed to sit idly by and rubberstamp every piece of legislation sent their way by the Senate, especially legislation passed on a straight party line vote under the spurious policy of reconciliation. .

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The principal purpose of the Democratic Party is to use the force of government to take property away from the people who earn it and give it to people who do not. .

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Freedom isn't for wimps. .

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There is nothing quite so depressing as waking up to face a day when you know that you are going to have to deal with a government office or bureaucrat. .

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I don't believe in atheists. .

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I'm an entertainer. Not a journalist or spokesman for anybody. Truth is, a lot of my listeners absolutely hate what I have to say. .

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If you walk through life in a fighting pose with your fists balled up and ready to strike, someone, someday, somewhere, is going to want to test your mettle. .

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How many Catholic schools do you think teach the students to question the authority of the Pope? Do you believe Christian schools teach students to question or challenge the authority of Jesus Christ? Do military schools teach the cadets to challenge the authority. .

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The main purpose of Social Security is to redistribute wealth, to make an increasingly large number of Americans dependent on government for their basic needs in their retirement years. .

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If I'm tapping anything, it's the frustration of people who have something to say at work or home or in some social setting and just can't do it. I do it for them. I don't take prisoners. .

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Screaming racism is the last refuge of leftist intellectuals whove completely lost their mojo. .

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