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#108 Albert Einstein

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about passion
#210 Albert Einstein

My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibility has always contrasted oddly with my pronounced lack of need for direct contact with other human beings and human communities. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about passion
#219 Albert Einstein

An autocratic system of coercion, in my opinion, soon degenerates. For force always attracts men of low morality, and I believe it to be an invariable rule that tyrants of genius are succeeded by scoundrels. For this reason I have always been passionately opposed to systems such as we see in Italy and Russia to-day. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about passion
#344 Albert Einstein

Measured objectively, what a man can wrest from Truth by passionate striving is utterly infinitesimal. But the striving frees us from the bonds of the self and makes us comrades of those who are the best and the greatest. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about passion
#657 Martin Luther King, Jr.

Perhaps I was too optimistic; perhaps I expected too much. I suppose I should have realized that few members of the oppressor race can understand the deep groans and passionate yearnings of the oppressed race, and still fewer have theto see that injustice must be rooted out by strong, persistent and determined . .

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes about passion
#727 Martin Luther King, Jr.

A great nation is a compassionate nation. .

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes about passion
#1092 Bertrand Russell

Life seems to me essentially passion, conflict, rage... It is only intellect that keeps me sane; perhaps this makes me overvalue intellect against feeling. .

Bertrand Russell Quotes about passion
#1151 Bertrand Russell

Men tend to have the beliefs that suit their passions. Cruel men believe in a cruel God, and use their belief to excuse their cruelty. Only kindly men believe in a kindly God, and they would be kindly in any case. .

Bertrand Russell Quotes about passion
#1543 Oscar Wilde

To be good, according to the vulgar standard of goodness, is obviously quite easy. It merely requires a certain amount of sordid terror, a certain lack of imaginative thought, and a certain low passion for middle-class respectability. .

Oscar Wilde Quotes about passion
#1786 Jean Paul Sartre

L'homme est une passion inutile. .

Jean Paul Sartre Quotes about passion
#1805 Jean Paul Sartre

Her face seems ravaged by both lightning and hail. But on yours there is something like the promise of a storm: one day passion will burn it to the bone. .

Jean Paul Sartre Quotes about passion
#2028 Ambrose Bierce

Zeal, n. A certain nervous disorder afflicting the young and inexperienced. A passion that goeth before a sprawl. .

Ambrose Bierce Quotes about passion
#2544 Winston Churchill

If I had been an Italian, I am sure I would have been entirely with you from the beginning to the end of your victorious struggle against the bestial appetites and passions of Leninism. .

Winston Churchill Quotes about passion
#2848 Napoleon I of France

It is rare that a legislature reasons. It is too quickly impassioned. .

Napoleon I of France Quotes about passion
#3386 George Bernard Shaw

The roulette table pays nobody except him that keeps it. Nevertheless afor gaming is common, though a passion for keeping roulette tables is unknown. .

George Bernard Shaw Quotes about passion
#3758 Aristotle

The vices respectively fall short of or exceed what is right in both passions and actions, while virtue both finds and chooses that which is intermediate. .

Aristotle Quotes about passion
#4634 Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each to each a looking-glass, Reflects his figure that doth pass. Every wayfarer he meets What himself declared repeats, What himself confessed records, Sentences him in his words; The form is his own corporal form, And his thought the penal worm. Yet shine forever virgin minds, Loved by stars and the purest winds, Which, o'er passion throned sedate, Have not hazarded their state; Disconcert the searching spy, Rendering to a curious eye The durance of a granite ledge To those who gaze from the sea's edge.It is there for benefit; It is there for purging light; There for purifying storms; And its depths reflect all forms; It cannot parley with the mean,— Pure by impure is not seen. For there's no sequestered grot, Lone mountain tarn, or isle forgot, But , journeying in the sphere, Daily stoops to harbour there. .

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes about passion
#5116 Mark Twain

When even the brightest mind in our world has been trained up from childhood in a superstition of any kind, it will never be possible for that mind, in its maturity, to examine sincerely, dispassionately, and conscientiously any evidence or any circumstance which shall seem to cast a doubt upon the validity of that superstition. I doubt if I could do it myself. .

Mark Twain Quotes about passion
#5415 Karl Marx

The most violent, mean and malignant passions of the human breast, theof private interest. .

Karl Marx Quotes about passion
#6620 William Ellery Channing

War is to be ranked among the most dreadful calamities which fall on a guilty world; and, what deserves consideration, it tends to multiply and perpetuate itself without end. It feeds and grows on the blood which it sheds. The passions, from which it springs, gain strength and fury from indulgence. .

William Ellery Channing Quotes about passion
#7009 Albert Camus

Great feelings take with them their own universe, splendid or abject. They light up with their passion an exclusive world in which they recognize their climate. There is a universe of jealousy, of ambition, of selfishness or generosity. A universe — in other words a metaphysic and an attitude of mind. .

Albert Camus Quotes about passion
#7396 Leo Tolstoy

The compassionate are not rich; therefore, the rich are not compassionate. .

Leo Tolstoy Quotes about passion
#8212 H. L. Mencken

The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind. .

H. L. Mencken Quotes about passion
#8524 Samuel Johnson

Declamation roared, while Passion slept. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about passion
#9872 Theodore Roosevelt

An attitude of moderation is apt to be misunderstood when passions are greatly excited and when victory is apt to rest with the extremists on one side or the other; yet I think it is in the long run the only wise attitude... .

Theodore Roosevelt Quotes about passion
#10509 W. H. Auden

How should we like it were stars to burn With a passion for us we could not return?If equal affection cannot be, Let the more loving one be me. .

W. H. Auden Quotes about passion
#10740 Gustave Flaubert

But some day sooner or later our passion would have cooled -- inevitably -- it's the way with everything human. .

Gustave Flaubert Quotes about passion
#13221 G. K. Chesterton

To have seen you and your unforgotten face, Brave as a blast of trumpets for the fray, Pure as white lilies in a watery space, It were something, though you went from me today.To have known the things that from the weak are furled, Perilous ancient passions, strange and high; It is something to be wiser than the world, It is something to be older than the sky. .

G. K. Chesterton Quotes about passion
#13323 George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)

It was the last weakness he meant to indulge in; and a man never lies with more delicious languor under the influence of a passion than when he has persuaded himself that he shall subdue it to-morrow. .

George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) Quotes about passion
#13389 George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)

Sad as a wasted passion. .

George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) Quotes about passion

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