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#8927 Bill Watterson

Calvin's Mom: How can kids know so much and still be so dumb? p109 .

Bill Watterson Quotes about kids
#42637 Rita Rudner

I had teeth that stuck out so far, I used to eat other kids' candy bars by accident. .

Rita Rudner Quotes about kids
#52902 Yolanda Adams

I'm very involved with kids because after being a teacher for seven years, I just can't stop loving the kids. I am a teacher forever. .

Yolanda Adams Quotes about kids
#54725 Marv Albert

I would never scream at my kids, never raise my voice. But as they often tell me, they were so well behaved that screaming was not necessary. .

Marv Albert Quotes about kids
#61318 David Arquette

Yeah, I definitely wanted to do a kids' movie because I have a kid. I want to do things that my daughter can see soon - when she is old enough to know what a movie is. .

David Arquette Quotes about kids
#63305 Frankie Avalon

The kids have all seen it on DVD or videotape. .

Frankie Avalon Quotes about kids
#66423 Billy Baldwin

I grew up as one of six kids. .

Billy Baldwin Quotes about kids
#67149 Antonio Banderas

The recycling in my house was imposed by my kids. .

Antonio Banderas Quotes about kids
#67988 Nigel Barker

I have two little kids, and they both came out completely different, with their own personalities. .

Nigel Barker Quotes about kids
#68786 Ana Beatriz Barros

I want to go back to Brazil, get married, have lots of kids, and just be a couch tomato. .

Ana Beatriz Barros Quotes about kids
#73071 Laura Benanti

I was always a little adult. Even as a little kid, I just couldn't understand why I was surrounded by all these kids. I took things very seriously. .

Laura Benanti Quotes about kids
#75292 Sandra Bernhard

Unfortunately, most college kids these days aren't coming from any place-they seem to ask the same kind of questions over and over again. .

Sandra Bernhard Quotes about kids
#77550 Jack Black

I'd rather be the king of kids, than the prince of fools. .

Jack Black Quotes about kids
#79561 Ozwald Boateng

My wife and I have a tradition of popcorn and videos with our kids on Friday evenings. .

Ozwald Boateng Quotes about kids
#79570 Ozwald Boateng

In Los Angeles, I'm always in Fred Segal. It's become a ritual. I have lunch and then buy lots of things I don't need. Usually tons of clothes for the kids that they grow out of in 10 seconds. .

Ozwald Boateng Quotes about kids
#80126 Manute Bol

If God wants to take my left arm, that's OK, as long as I can walk and play with my kids. I'm a lot improved. I was worse than this after the accident. .

Manute Bol Quotes about kids
#80425 Simon Le Bon

I've got three kids, and those are mouths to feed. .

Simon Le Bon Quotes about kids
#80458 Suzanne Bonamici

You can't expect kids who don't have enough to eat to do well. .

Suzanne Bonamici Quotes about kids
#82801 John Boyega

'Attack The Block' is an alien invasion film set in South London. It's about a group of kids who are some petty thugs, who have to find the hero in themselves, when they attack. .

John Boyega Quotes about kids
#85525 Morgan Brittany

I feel bad about a lot of the movies I see that teach kids that if they do bad, they'll win. .

Morgan Brittany Quotes about kids
#90044 Candace Cameron Bure

I really do feel like I'm in better shape and look better now - even after having three kids - than I did before. .

Candace Cameron Bure Quotes about kids
#91204 Steve Burton

So we were doing this scene, and the kids get 20 minutes a day, um, so, all I had to do was pick him up out of the incubator and take him out, and that was the whole shot. .

Steve Burton Quotes about kids
#92364 Amanda Bynes

I've grown up with kids watching me and as they're growing up, I'm growing up. .

Amanda Bynes Quotes about kids
#94737 Geoffrey Canada

When I was growing up, kids used to talk about snitching... It never extended as a cultural norm outside of the gangsters. .

Geoffrey Canada Quotes about kids
#97040 Tia Carrere

The kids all knew me from Wayne's World. The grown-ups knew me after True Lies. .

Tia Carrere Quotes about kids
#98370 David Cassidy

I have an audience that goes from kids to seventy year olds. .

David Cassidy Quotes about kids
#98490 Laetitia Casta

Working with kids can be tricky because they can be pretty unpredictable. .

Laetitia Casta Quotes about kids
#98511 Dan Castellaneta

Don't eat me. I have a wife and kids. Eat them. .

Dan Castellaneta Quotes about kids
#98766 John Catsimatidis

I could be like Joe Kennedy and say, 'My kids are going to run for president!' .

John Catsimatidis Quotes about kids
#102576 Anna Chlumsky

A lot of movies treat kids like idiots. .

Anna Chlumsky Quotes about kids
#103439 Amy Chua

There's a lot of rudeness and sullen behavior and kids that are very entitled and spoiled, just buy me more stuff. I didn't want to raise kids like that. .

Amy Chua Quotes about kids
#105465 George Clooney

After doing One Fine Day and playing a pediatrician on ER, I'll never have kids. I'm going to have a vasectomy. .

George Clooney Quotes about kids
#109754 Dominic Cooper

To a certain extent I suppose all actors are big kids. .

Dominic Cooper Quotes about kids
#111640 Bob Cousy

We hung out on the streets, played stickball, and did all of the things that other kids did. .

Bob Cousy Quotes about kids
#111760 Elliot Cowan

I'm still very much about being an actor. That's why I'm not married with kids. .

Elliot Cowan Quotes about kids
#113096 Hume Cronyn

I'm a taskmaster. I was brought up that way, and I'm sure I imposed that on my kids. .

Hume Cronyn Quotes about kids
#115475 Johnny Depp

When kids hit one year old, it's like hanging out with a miniature drunk. You have to hold onto them. They bump into things. They laugh and cry. They urinate. They vomit. .

Johnny Depp Quotes about kids
#117463 Joe Dante

I've made a lot of movies with kids in them. I don't know why that is, but it's something I've noticed. .

Joe Dante Quotes about kids
#117974 Chris Daughtry

For me, I want my kids to find their way. If they're interested in something, I want them to try it out. .

Chris Daughtry Quotes about kids
#119256 Wendy Davis

We can't accept that it's O.K. if only some kids get to go to college. .

Wendy Davis Quotes about kids
#122634 Mike DeWine

I find it personally distracting when kids are constantly texting, but they can be texting something that is just benign and just fine. .

Mike DeWine Quotes about kids
#124705 Pete Docter

Walt Disney wasn't making films for kids. Neither were the Muppets. A lot of the great, really cool films, they weren't making them for kids. .

Pete Docter Quotes about kids
#126597 Jerry Doyle

Brooklyn, when I was growing up, was awesome. It was stoopball and stickball - a lot of kids... the baby boom generation were all in the area. It was just a really great place. .

Jerry Doyle Quotes about kids
#130399 Eazy E

I go to correctional facilities and talk to kids there. They have little kids in there who are, like, 12 years old, stealing cars and stuff like that. .

Eazy E Quotes about kids
#130588 Justin Townes Earle

I got a feeling that when I have kids, I'm going to have a little girl, and she's going to be completely sensible. .

Justin Townes Earle Quotes about kids
#130832 Sheena Easton

When my kids are in college, maybe I'll drag my fishnets and high heels out. .

Sheena Easton Quotes about kids
#133796 Larry Ellison

I am so disturbed by kids who spend all day playing videogames. .

Larry Ellison Quotes about kids
#134164 Keith Emerson

I'm proud of my kids, they are doing what they want to do. .

Keith Emerson Quotes about kids
#136101 Chad Everett

People named their kids after me! .

Chad Everett Quotes about kids
#136302 Patrick Ewing

Every parent wants to see their kids excel. .

Patrick Ewing Quotes about kids

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